CD Rom Woes

  nick_j007 21:58 04 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I'm suffering a head ache with my Cd drive under Xp on a Dell laptop. It's been going well in the 2 yrs. I've had it but now it seems not to be reading Cd roms. I'm using Verbatim and Sony...neither are doing well. I have loaded Nero 6 recently, but I had read problems before then too. I hoped Nero might make a clean sweep. Nero burns fine it seems but reading the CD's is like walking through treacle. I took the CD to a friends PC...similar on his too.

I thought as a last resort to have a go at updating the firmware.
I have downloaded it but I get a black box come up with C\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
Diskette drive cannot be found.

I am out of my depth here and getting in a mess.

A life line from anyone would be rather nice ;-)


Dell' site says this:

Firmware update for "Samsung SN 308B 8X Combo Drive" Dell P/N 1G055 & 9G011

The update will create a bootable diskette that must be used under DOS
(not under Windowed DOS box). This flash will update the drive's firmware
to U005. The user will need to remove the floppy disc and then reboot the
system before using the drive.

If the firmware reflash fails ( e.g., system hangs, etc. ), reboot the
system and try again at least twice.

  nick_j007 22:37 04 Mar 2004

I have just had a thought that the optical aspect may be dirty.
Would it burn but not then read very well if it was dirty?


  gudgulf 23:28 04 Mar 2004

Sounds like the laser is failing---what happens if you try to play a music cd?

you could try a cleaning disc but in my experience with hifi equipment you will not find them much use,unless your pc is used in a particularly dusty or smokey enviroment.

You could also try deleting the drive from task manager ---when you restart your pc it will detect the drive and reinstall the drivers for it,this will resolve any corrupt driver issues.

  nick_j007 07:37 05 Mar 2004

Many thanks.

It plays a music CD fine.

I'll try a cleaner as I have not long finished copying many CD's onto the system.

More tips on deleting the drive please? I know where to find it. If I right click on it I can see 'uninstall'. Do that?



  nick_j007 12:46 05 Mar 2004

Ok, here's what I've done so far:

Uninstalled CD ROM drive. Rebooted and it was recognised by XP again, and is playing music CDs fine.

Searched on Samsungs web site d'loaded a small application that searches automatically for new firmware...I was told I am up to date.

Bought and run a CD cleaner...there doesn't appear to a real improvement.

I can burn seemingly fine in Nero. When I load the disc it is very very slow to read it and some pictures on ly load half a page.

I am using the Create Data disc option for my that correct?

I am getting concerned as I have a load of back-ups that need doing soon.

Also (!) Best place to buy a replacement CD Drive for my Dell laptop (if necessary).

Thanks very much for any responses.

I'm off to watch my daughter in a swimming gala now. She's carbo. loaded and ready to go like a fish! The fact that she's only four is not relavent....right? lol.



  nick_j007 16:05 05 Mar 2004


I've gone back through my Cd back ups and they are all good up to Jan 2004 (made beginning of Feb.)
They are very slow to view and in some cases will not come up at all.

Might Nero and Roxio conflict with each other?
Wondering if I should get rid of both and reinstall Nero again. I have renewed faith in the life left in my CD/DVD drive.


  gudgulf 18:07 05 Mar 2004

I have heard that there can be conflicts with nero and roxio etc.

click here

click here

Try uninstalling one of the programs and see what happens.

  nick_j007 21:00 05 Mar 2004

I shall look at those now gudgulf! Thanks.
I was beginning to enjoy chatting to myself :-)

I have uninstalled both at the moment, and will plumb for running Nero on its own. I still can't view those older Cd roms...but I guess it's a hang-over from a bad burn (?)

At worst I am confronted with trying to rescue pic's from Dec, Jan, Feb discs...another forum help issue when I get there!.

Thank you for looking in again gudgulf; appreciate it.


  nick_j007 21:07 05 Mar 2004

Ok, read those. A few links to follow maybe, but will reinstall Nero on its own to see how we go.

Deep breath......'''"""

  gudgulf 23:39 05 Mar 2004

This may not be related to your problem ,but I have recently replaced my 18 month old cd burner because whilst it would burn successfully it was start to refuse to read some of my older back-up discs.These would read via my dvd drive--but very slowly.I came to the conclusion that the older back-up discs were failing and have thrown them away!.

Have you tried accessing your discs on another pc?

BTW talking to yourself is probably better than having your wife chipping in with comments such as " are you being an agony anorak again dear?"

click here

Have a look here for a possible source of a replacement drive should it come to that.

  nick_j007 10:59 06 Mar 2004

I have taken a few over to a neighbours to see how they would run and it seemed to be as bad there too.
I shall go back again with ones I know to be 'bad' to be really sure.

Have uninstalled Roxio and put Nero back in on its own. Left it to burn on a new good disc last night and I have come down to this:

Burn Successful.
Data Verification Failed

Thought I would ask it to verify to see what it said.

I would replace the drive without a thought if I really thought it was that. It reads the much older discs like lightning and all is well, just recently burned ones that are the problem. Plays music and DVD fine too.

Presumably gudgulf I'll need a Dell specific drive wont I to fit in this side slot I have? Mine is a Samsung. More like £100+ from Dell.

hehe re the wifey comments. My partner's always impressed when I tell her how I've managed to solve my own computing problems!

Ok, try these discs on another PC and sit back to think about next step I think.

Thanks for keeping a handle on this one. it's taken too much of my time already; but I need to sort it.


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