cd rom time out

  heaven 02001 16:54 13 Jan 2004

my computer keeps timing out so know my cd rom wont play cds

  VoG II 16:59 13 Jan 2004

"my computer keeps timing out"

Can you explain exactly what you mean?

  john-232317 17:06 13 Jan 2004

It usally only times out when trying to access a web page that is not available, should not affect c d player.

Like VOG says give us more info on what is happening.

  heaven 02001 17:15 13 Jan 2004

the drive will not read disc the computer says this is because it fails to respond within the time out period

  Big Elf 19:09 13 Jan 2004

Is it just the one disk or all? If it's all then the CD drive might have failed.

  john-232317 19:48 13 Jan 2004

I would agree with big elf, you don't get a lot of warning, they just fail.

You haven`t loaded any new audio programs have you, cos sometimes they overwrite files, i had a major problem once with WMP overwriting easy cd creator, even yamaha techies said my cd player was knackered, but took out WMP and all was well again.

  hugh-265156 19:52 13 Jan 2004

do you have xp?

click start/control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/event viewer

click the system and application tabs

you may see an error listed saying something like the cdrom disc has a bad block.if you get this only from one particular disc then as above its probally just damaged/dirty or corrupted in some way.

if all discs do the same then replace the writer.

  Big Elf 19:54 13 Jan 2004

Possibly a couple more things to try are to check the cable connections to the drive and use a CD drive/lens cleaning kit. I haven't used one of these kits myself so don't know whether they're effective.

  heaven 02001 13:29 17 Jan 2004

i have win xp

  Big Elf 14:16 17 Jan 2004

MS Article click here

  Big Elf 14:18 17 Jan 2004

With a possible solution at click here

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