CD ROM slowing down.

  Mohammed-255469 11:43 04 Feb 2003

i have had a samsung 48x cd rom drive for a long time but recently it is not working properperly. i wonder if any body could help me out.
the problem:
suppose i insert a cd rom in the drive firstly it will take ages to recognise the cd and when it does a about 7-8 auto run programs on the
cd open up.
scondly suppose if i am copying some files from cd to hdisk, any time during the copying procedure the copying process will virtually stop and the cd drive reads the cd for a very long time before continuing with copying or not even copying at all.
its not just copying it acn happen any time during installation of a program, playing games. i dont know whats rong it just stops midway through any process and reads the cd for a long time before responding again. and when it responds alot of autorun programs will open.

the cd drive is a primary slave and primary master and secondary master are hdisks. i have no secondary slave.
it would be reall greatful if someone could help me out.

  Stuartli 13:04 04 Feb 2003

Check that all the leads are connected correctly and firmly.

Are you able to use another CD-ROM drive to test your setup?

If the Samsung continues to play up then it's not worth keeping it - new drives are from £10 to £15 each including VAT at the moment.

  DieSse 16:34 04 Feb 2003

It's probably failing, and misreading badly. It may be worth trying a lens cleaning disk first - Samsung CD-Drives are usually quite reliable in my experience.

  Mohammed-255469 17:09 04 Feb 2003

thanks for the reply guys.

  Stuartli 17:20 04 Feb 2003

It's rare for a CD/DVD/rewriter laser to get dirty - they are very well sealed and normally the tray is only open for a short period.

The chance of failure of CD/DVD-ROM and, particularly, rewriters is quite high and the manufacturers' life expectancy figures confirm this fact.

The figures are normally detailed on their websites, but the majority of such drives are mainly rebadged models and figures will be pretty similar.

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