Cd rom not working

  mogwai 20:52 17 Apr 2003

Hi wonder if you can help,
My CD rom doesnt seem to recognise when there is a cd in the drive, it keeps asking me to insert a disk when there is one already present. Device manager tells me the device is working properly, but something else tells me 'the drive is not ready'. Ive tried a few cds now and amgetting the same thing. Any ideas?

  Kalb 21:06 17 Apr 2003

Little more info.....has this fault just developed out of the blue ?...or have you been delving about inside & maybe dislodged/moved the IDE/ribbon the CD rom recognised on the initial start up screen when you first start the computer ?

  mogwai 21:13 17 Apr 2003

No, no delving around inside the pc, I installed a game yesterday and today it has just stopped working, so pretty much out of the blue, and yeah the cd rom is recognised initially. I do burn alot of cd's..... have these writers got a certain lifespan?

  mogwai 21:40 17 Apr 2003


  Kalb 22:02 17 Apr 2003

OK so we have a CD R/RW drive but it won't read...what happens when you put a CD in the drive?...does it whirr away or just sit there sulking...making odd clicking sounds? If so it may be US. What happens if you try to format a CD in the drive prior to writing to it ?

  mogwai 22:09 17 Apr 2003

I jst tried a cd and it didnt do much of anything! The light came on for a couple of seconds and that was it, I tried clicking on the drive and, again it asked me to insert a disk. How do I format a disk? Usually I just pop a blank one in and burn?!?

  Kalb 22:28 17 Apr 2003

If it won't read a CD such as a disk from PCAdvisor or play a music CD then I doubt if it will format a solution would be to go inside the case & make sure that all connections are tight..if it still won't go then you could try replacing the drive with one that does work (an old CDRom would do) just to prove that the old drive is US before you go to the expense of a new one.

  mogwai 22:32 17 Apr 2003

Yeh I will do, but it doesnt look good, typical meant to be having a gaming night tomorrow night, why does this always happen to me?!?
Thanks again :-)

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