Cd rom not recocnising CD

  REDFOX 20:06 01 Apr 2003

I reloaded my OS W ME after a virus ,now my CD rom does not see a CD when I put it in to upload the rest of my software ie MS word,works etc.It does how ever read CD that I have burned myself.When I go into dos mode and go to d or e adn type dir to see if it work it says

NOt ready reading drive D

Pleas ehelp

  eccomputers 21:45 01 Apr 2003

If it reads your burned cds in windows, but not software originals, it can only be a laser problem. I had a dvd which would read dvds fine, I could watch movies all day. Put a normal cd in and no hope.
Cd-rom drives are really cheap so its worth changing it anyway just to be on the safe side.
You could try a lens cleaner cd in it first.

  woodchip 21:59 01 Apr 2003

Have you tried removing it in Device Manager and restart your comp to let windows refind the CDrom and set it up again

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