CD Rom not being recognised

  edennorman 12:14 01 Aug 2005


I am upgarding my daughters PC for her, the CD rom was dead so I bought and fitted a new one.

I set the jumpers for master before fitting.

On start up the drive is recognised and listed with the two hard drives, but when i look in My Computer I do not see the cd rom icon.

When I try Adding New Hardware I get to a point where I am asked for a disk I do not have.

The device is not listed in System/Device Manager either.

How do I get this cd rom recognised please.

Thank you.


  keith-236785 13:51 01 Aug 2005

depends on which version of windows you are using, win95 was a bitch to set up cdrom drives on, you had to have an install floppy disk to get it recognised, win98 and newer was no problem (cant speak for win NT as i have never set one up) ok here goes:--

is the cd drive on the same IDE cable as the hard drive, if so you need to set the cd to slave, not master

if it is on its own cable then the master bit is ok.

in either case, check the cables are pushed firmly in and are the right way round (red cable/red striped cable, goes nearest the power connector).

if that is all ok, goto device manager and click cdrom drives, then right click the cdrom and click uninstall, reboot the pc and windows should re-find the cdrom and set it up.

if that doesnt work, goto the bios and check that the auto detect is set for the primary & secondary ide connections (secondary master) or primary slave is set to auto, if still no joy, try setting them to look for cdrom.

good luck

  keith-236785 13:54 01 Aug 2005

one final thought after re-reading your post, you say the old cdrom was dead, are you sure, it might be the cable that has failed or even the motherboard. try the above things and see if you can get anywhere, maybe ask a frien to test the old cdrom to see if it really dead or if you are looking at the wrong thing to fix.

apologies if you have already tried this.

  edennorman 14:27 01 Aug 2005

Thanks for the input so far....I'me afraid it is Win 95 that is installed at the moment....what was that about needing a floppy?

The cd rom is surely dead ...won't work on my pC which has win 2000 on.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 01 Aug 2005

For Win 95, configure config.sys to run real-mode DOS driver for the CD-ROM drive and run mscdex from the autoexec.bat file (it may be rem'd out) click here

  edennorman 17:11 01 Aug 2005

Hi Fruit Bat

emmm...what does that mean please :)


  keith-236785 23:38 01 Aug 2005

what it means basically is that you need a floppy disk with the drivers for a cdrom to install some files so windows95 can see the cdrom drive

upto about a month ago i had three of these disks, now i have none as i decided that win95 was finally dead and i wouldnt ever need them. how wrong i was.

i will look upstairs tomorrow and see if i can find one but im not gonna hold my breath. the disk was labeled something like

cdrom device driver disk


atapi cdrom driver disk

i will look tomorrow for the disk, until then goodnight

  Kev.Ifty 23:57 01 Aug 2005
  edennorman 10:34 02 Aug 2005

paperman27.... Thank you for your offer it is much appreciated.

Kev.Ifty.....Also thank you for the link to the site...I am looking through the content now.


  keith-236785 22:40 02 Aug 2005

i have had a look for the disk but im afraid its as i thought, i threw them away about a month so angry. sorry

you could try this click here and click on the correct version of your windows 95. download and double click to write to floppy. then once done, put the disk in your pc and reboot. hopefully that will sort it out.

good luck

  woodchip 22:50 02 Aug 2005

All Windows Versions other than below Win95, Install CD Drivers there is no need to install drivers. Check the Ribbon cable with a new one

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