CD Rom / A drive - not always accessible

  cookymonster21 07:56 22 Mar 2003

Although I can access these drives via the 'Run' facility, they are not available via the open document in word or other software. Also they do not show up on 'my computer' only the C drive is shown. They used to be there and I am at a loss how they were removed. Please advise. Thank you

  AMD 4 ever 08:26 22 Mar 2003

When you open my computer are they there?
Goto my comp right click select properies...and go to device manager...see if thy are listed in there. If not have a look in the BIOS to ensure they are enabled! Then run a VIRUS check.

  cookymonster21 10:26 22 Mar 2003

they are not shown on 'my computer' but are there in device manager. how do I access BIOs pls?

  VoG™ 10:31 22 Mar 2003

Accessing BIOS - you have to press one or more keys during bootup - here's some suggestions as to which key(s) click here

  keithbernardcook 16:58 29 Mar 2003

the 'D' and 'A' drives ARE there as I can access them via 'Start' and then 'Run' by typing 'D:'. So they are on the system but they are not showing on 'My computer' nor are they available when opening up a document, say, from Word. Does anyone know please how I can add them to 'My computer' I don't know how they were lost! Thank you

  woodchip 17:23 29 Mar 2003

Remove them in Devise Manager restart your computer and let your computer rediscover the drives

  woodchip 17:23 29 Mar 2003

PS if you are Win98 try running SFC from the start/run box

  VeeJP 17:29 07 Apr 2003

Tried to install a BTC cdrw 52 speed. On putting in the software disc it just loads over and over again, then although it appears to be writing a cd from my music list, the cd stays blank. Since this, my normal cd rom and A drive wont work?. Have 1330 songs on hard drive, which is also making weird noises. Help please. I cant save songs as I cant access cd drives.....aaargh!

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