CD rom drive disappears when one cdr is put in

  Shanks69 19:56 12 Jul 2004

thereby preventing me loading the software on it.

Any ideas ??

  THE TERMINATOR 20:03 12 Jul 2004

Does this only happen when you put a cdr in the drive....TT

  Shanks69 21:36 12 Jul 2004

I've just compiled a music image, but nero/my computer wont recognise the cd drive as soon as I put a blank cdr in.

Previously it wouldnt download software from a cdr I knew to be good.

But it deals with loading a games program from an original game cd, and other audio cd's - therefore the problem is with cdr's.

The drive is also a DVD RW (new) and I've not been able to burn a dvd successfully yet.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:01 12 Jul 2004

Have you been to the manufacturers web site to see if there is an updated driver for your drive, or was it working, and now is not....TT

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