CD Rom drawer will not come out.

  Nuneatonian 17:00 26 Jun 2005

Hi there,
I have trouble with my CD Rom drawer, when I press reject button it makes the noise, but will not come out. I have viewed other suggestions such as acessing explorer, and press eject, and even poking a paperclip in the hole on the front another suggestion from the forum to no avail. In the past I know it sounds drastic I have had to lever it out at the side with a knife after pressing eject button. When there is a disk in the drawer will come out, and the drawer will open and quickly shut, and I have had to grab the drawer to retrieve the disk.
Any suggestions or do I need a new CD Rom? I am not a computer buff just a computer user, so I don't know anything about the inside of a computer. Any help out there please?!!!

  Trackrat 17:07 26 Jun 2005

It sounds like it has gone to the electronics graveyard, if you have a small computer shop or even PC World near you they will fit one for you.
They are dirt cheap these days.
If you fancy having a go at doing it yourself print out the information from this link
click here
and it will show you how to do it.

  De Marcus 17:08 26 Jun 2005

From what you say you've tried and the resultant only method of prying the drawer open suggests that the first few teeth on the cd rom drawer mechanism have gone, although that wouldn't explain why the drawer quickly shoots out and straight back in,it could be a motor malfunction or corrupt firmware, either way, if this is as you say just a cd-rom, buy and install a new one, they're less than a tenner these days.

Any help with installation you'll find here at PCA, however all you have to do is make note of the positions of the jumper pins and cables on the back of the old drive and transfer them to the new one.

  jakimo 18:05 26 Jun 2005

try this,below the drawer is a small pinhole, insert needle or similar and push until drawer opens

  De Marcus 18:06 26 Jun 2005

Already been tried jakimo

  jakimo 18:16 26 Jun 2005

didnt read all of thread

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:04 26 Jun 2005

CD / Drives repair FAQ
click here

  Stuartli 23:37 26 Jun 2005

Some drives have a very sensitive open/shut button - try just a light touch on the button.

Changing a CD/DVD-ROM or rewriter drive is very simple. Turn the system off, open the case, take the screws out from both sides of the drive (retain), pull out the leads at the rear after noting their locations and slide the drive out through the front.

Installation is the above in reverse but use the same screws (none are normally supplied with an OEM version) as they are a particular length. Once you have finished, switch the system on again and Windows will automatically install the basic CDROM driver to allow the new drive's use.

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