CD Rom Discs "no free space" when plenty available

  tiberius 17:53 22 Apr 2005

Why am I always told that disc is full even if only i MB has been burned. Cannot transfer in stages as it will not be accepted after first session.

  swapper 18:02 22 Apr 2005

I had this problem and found that when I burned in the first instance the lead out was final and clesed the disc so to speak.
I now use Nero and am given the option to leave the disc open when I finish a burn so that I can add to it later.
I am sure someone will be more specific than this, but it may help>
it all depends on what you are burning as well of course?

  tiberius 19:56 22 Apr 2005

Thank you. I have a Sony system and am burning photos - but as things stand I will have to acquire 700 MB of photos or use a lot of discs. Thanks for your advice.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 22 Apr 2005

In Nero at least, as this is the software I use, all you have to do is tick the multisession box and it will close the session but allow you to continue adding until the disk is full. What software do you use as I'm sure someone will tell you how to do it, its probably just a box you have to tick somewhere in the options.

  DieSse 23:56 22 Apr 2005

What people are trying to explain is this.

Whenb you write a CD you can write and "close". Then it becomes a proper CD-ROM, and however much is on it it is "full", and can only be read from then on.


You can write it and leave it "open". When open you can write more to it - and as long as it's left open each time, more can be added to it up to the full capacity of the CD. At this point you should close it.

Whether it's open or closed after writing is an option (usually a box to be ticked or not) in the software you use to write it. Either look for the option, read the help file on how to change the option, or tell us what software you use and someone will point you to the option.

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