cd-rom and cd-rom/rw

  nonowtatall 22:22 05 Oct 2006

how do i get my cd-rom to be D and my cd-rom/rw be E it is the other way round and causes problems do do it at the drives or is there a way of altering them in windows 98 se

  ade.h 22:34 05 Oct 2006

Right-click My Computer - select Manage... - then select Disk Management. Swap one drive letter to a spare letter lower down the list, swap drive 2 to drive 1's original drive letter, then swap drive 1 to drive 2's old letter.

  ade.h 22:36 05 Oct 2006

That's for XP by the way. Are you sticking with 98 now?

  nonowtatall 22:47 05 Oct 2006

yes xp was no no as the motherboard is old, so how do i set the roms on 98se as i wasnt sure i had the jumpers in the right place on the cd roms

  Diemmess 12:59 06 Oct 2006

The mechanical way!
Put both CD drives on the Secondary IDE cable but make the writer drive Master and the reader drive Slave (with the jumpers set appropriately).

It might work! (:0)

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