CD Rewriter problem

  zigg 12:05 02 Jan 2004

I have just installed my CD Rewriter which seemed to install ok, there is power going to it and it plays CD's ok.
When I installed the packaged software however (Nero Express) I found that I couldn't burn a CD from music files I have on Windows Media Player (Version 7.1). I just get a message from the adaptec CD creator from Windows media Player saying that 'no CD recording devices detected'. I thought that this may have been a software conflict between Windows media player and Nero so I deleted Nero Express but it didn't solve the problem. Also I can't try upgrading to Windows Media Player 9 because my Win 98 system won't support it.
What else can I do?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  woodchip 12:12 02 Jan 2004

Create a Folder in Explorer drag the files you want to burn to the folder then open NERO and drag from folder files to CD and burn

  billyliv 12:45 02 Jan 2004

Hi, Nero Express is an 'AHEAD' product. 'ADAPTEC' produces Easy CD Creator. Two completely different burning programs. This may be your problem, 'Conflicts'. Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 12:45 02 Jan 2004

You will probably need to re-install the Adaptec Easy CD-Creator in order for it to detect the drive - which it normally does at installation time.

If it's an old copy, it may well not have support for your new CD-writer - in which case you will ned to download the updates to get support.

  zigg 23:46 03 Jan 2004

Thanks for the above suggestions however my problem remains unsolved.
I think that my system is experiencing difficulties in 2 areas.
Firstly my version of adaptec cd creator (on windows media player 7.1) does not seem to be recognising my rewriter drive. I have tried to update it from the adaptec site but can't because I would need a newer version which I would have to pay for and which may not work with win media player version 7.1(which I also can't upgrade to win media player version 9 because that is not compatible with win98).
Secondly, my music files which are stored in media player seem to be in a format that the Nero software installed with my rewriter doesn't seem to recognise, so I can't move or drag them to be burned with my Nero software.

What I am wondering is, can I convert my music files to a format that Nero will recognise and allow me to burn onto CD disc? I know my rewriter works because it successfully burnt data files onto disc when I tried. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated as I bought the rewriter to make music CDs and so far I havn't been able to do it!

  woodchip 23:56 03 Jan 2004

NERO should burn any files. you only need the right program to run them mp3 player or what have you. so if you can see the files I suggest you move them to a new folder the open NERO and drag them within the NERO program on to the CD and burn them, "do not use the wizard"

  zigg 10:41 04 Jan 2004


I tried this by moving the music files to 'my documents' and then draging them within the Nero program but nero still wouldn't recognise them. Is there anything else I can try?

  billyliv 10:57 04 Jan 2004

Hi, Going back to your posting you say that the software was Nero Express, Does this mean you dont have the full Nero burning program? as Nero Express is just a part of Nero. Cheers, Bill

  Dazwm 11:06 04 Jan 2004

Are the files you are trying to burn wma or mp3? If they are wma they need to be converted to mp3 to copy them to disc.

  Stuartli 11:09 04 Jan 2004

As Nero came with your rewriter it will almost certainly be an OEM version specific to your brand of rewriter.

You need to uninstall the Easy CD program as it will most likely conflict with Nero, as pointed out by others.

In addition, as billyliv states, Nero Express is incorporated with Nero and not normally separate. Visit the ahead website to upgrade your version as necessary foc.

Have you also checked that the drive letters are correct for your rewriter?

If you visit the Windows Media Player home page at you will find that there is, in fact, a version for Windows98 (SE)
click here

Regarding Windows Media Player9, it seems to have a bug somewhere with regard to Devices.

I have a DVD-ROM and CD-RW rewriter as D and E - WMP9 lists them in reverse order in the Devices tab..:-)

  billyliv 11:19 04 Jan 2004

Hi, Have a look here,click here it may be of help. Cheers, Bill

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