cd rewriter drive?

  denis93c 00:04 11 Jul 2003

how can i slow down the read speed of my drive?

  Chegs ® 09:18 11 Jul 2003

Why would you wish to "slow" down a CD-RW?

  Jester2K II 09:26 11 Jul 2003

To prevetn erros or buffer underrun. Usually in the settings or options within the software you use to burn there is a Burn At Speed selector.

What software do you use? If you tell us we can be more precise...

  Jester2K II 09:26 11 Jul 2003

Oh sorry the READ speed??

  DieSse 09:33 11 Jul 2003

I don't see how you can - and I don't see why you would need to?

  denis93c 14:51 13 Jul 2003

the cd rewriter is running so fast it causes the computer to crash

  Stuartli 15:06 13 Jul 2003

There almost certainly has to be a reason other than the actual speed that the drive is reading disks which, in any case, varies according to which section of the disk is being read.

Is the drive securely mounted in the case?
Does the system crash under any other circumstances? Is the case properly cooled as heat can cause similar symtoms?

These are just a few thoughts - no doubt others can contribute more.

  DieSse 15:44 13 Jul 2003

"the cd rewriter is running so fast it causes the computer to crash"

Can you explain exactly what is actually happening, and why you think it's because the drive is running too fast please.

  denis93c 16:23 15 Jul 2003

when i put a cd in the drive,eg: fifa 2000 the instalation begins,then i get the blue screen saying beginning physical dump of memory.
i have windows xp,256mb ram,30gb hard drive,150kb ntl broadband.

  Stuartli 16:41 15 Jul 2003

A friend recently bought Jimmy White's snooker game and couldn't install it no matter how many times he tried.

It worked perfectly on my system and several others but we never did get to the root of the problem. In the end he got his money back on the basis that the CD-ROM was not fit for its purpose.

Anything else he triend on his system installed without difficulty.....

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