cd rewriter drive

  denis93c 07:21 13 Jun 2003

i have an aopen cd rewriter drive,when ever i put a cd into it ,it sounds like a jumbo jet taking of.
it`s speed is 48x12x50.
i phoned the shop i bought it from,and they said most drive`s that run at that do make a loud noise because it runs very quick.
when i put a cd in to play,it plays for 3 to 5 seconds,the i get this message "KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR".
then it says beginning physical dump of memory
i have tried playing cd`s in realone player and windows media player,but still get the same blue screen error message.
i bought my pc mainly to make my own cd`s and 7 months on,i have never been able to burn one cd.
i have windows xp,256mb ram,30gb hard drive,Processor x86 Family 6 Model 6 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1659 Mhz
please advise.

  -pops- 07:27 13 Jun 2003

I have a Plextor drive of similar specification. It sounds a bit like a mosquito when it starts up and then is almost silent. It doesn't produce stack errors, it just does as it's told.

You should have taken it back before now but, you're still not too late.


  Gongoozler 09:18 13 Jun 2003

Hi denis93c. The shop is partly right. Fast cd players are certainly more vulnerable to any out of balance forces, but good design and mounting should keep these forces under control. My Teac CD-W512E 32/12/10 in an Enlight case is very quiet, but I recently fitted an Aopen 48/40/12 cd rewriter for my Daughter, and only by careful damping of all vibration points could I get the vibration down to an almost reasonable level. Some drives have active damping, and this should help, otherwise all that can be done is to ensure that the drive is mounted in a bay that is very rigidly attached to the case, and to damp out any metal in the case that could vibrate. A solidly built case is needed to minimise vibrations. Stick-on cd labels can cause serious out of balance forces. You may find that your cd-rw drive gives you the ability to reduce the reading speed. For most purposes you don't need 48x speed.

I think the error message is probably linked to the vibration being so great that the laser is not reading the cd correctly.

  Gongoozler 09:23 13 Jun 2003

Hi again denis93c. As an experiment, try running your cd-rw out of the computer case. If you can, hold it in your hand. This should eliminate most of the harsher components of the vibration, and may let you burn a cd. Be careful, though. It is not uncommon for a badly out of balance cd to shatter and for fragments to break out of the drawer front!

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