cd rewriter disk problem

  the kopite 06:48 21 Aug 2005

Hi Guys I have just built a computer using a Asus A7V600-x motherboard and I am having a problem installing from a cd rewriter disc I can install from the cd,s that came from the equipment manufacturer but as soon as I tried to install from a cd rewriter disc the computer switches off I am stumped any ideas why this is occuring thanks guys Kopite

  the kopite 06:51 21 Aug 2005

Sorry Guys forgot the specs they are A7V600-x mb sempron 2400 cpu 512mb crucial 3200 ram and a nivida mx 440 graphics card the os is win xp pro Kopite

  howard60 06:54 21 Aug 2005

does the same thing happen if you are in safe mode?

  the kopite 12:02 21 Aug 2005

I can not run a cd in safe mode can I ? I belive its psu trouble I brought a cheap one from a computer shop a ezcool 550 wat but it was only £23 do you think it could be psu it seems like as soon as I put extera load on it it causes the computer to close down Thanks for replying Kopite

  dave_and_confused 12:05 21 Aug 2005

Never buy a cheap PSU. Always asking for trouble. You have decent kit and should always use a decent PSU - doesn't need to be expensive but a £23 is not liekly to cut the mustard.

Does anything else cause the PC to shut down?

Have you tried the CD drive in a mates PC?

Can you borrow a PSU from someone?

Try taking the PSU back to the store and ask them to check it or swap it.

  the kopite 12:12 21 Aug 2005

Hi Dave and confused it shuts down on my dvd drive and my cd drive if I am trying to open a program thats on a rewriteable disc but installs no problem on a manufactures cd ? the shop is in Devon and I am in london just trying to see if anyones agrees it could be psu related befor I buy a new psu the cd rewriter and dvd work fine on another computer Thanks Kopite

  dave_and_confused 12:22 21 Aug 2005

Have you tried a program on another Rewritable disk?

Does the PC shut down properly or just literally power off?

  dave_and_confused 12:24 21 Aug 2005

It could just be the disk. I thoghut you meant you had a CD Rewriter and if you used that it would shut down.

Most likely to be the disk rather than the PSU now...

  the kopite 12:53 21 Aug 2005

Hi Dave it just powers off and yes I did try another rewritable with the same result Kopite

  Stuartli 14:11 21 Aug 2005

Use a CD-R disk - they are vastly superior reflectivity wise to RW disks, which can cause problems for drives of both computer and domestic type attempting to read them.

You can burn to the CD-R in multisession mode to avoid wasting disk space until it is full.

  the kopite 15:17 21 Aug 2005

Hi stuarti its not burning the disc its reading a disc that is the problem thanks

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