cd re-writer is causing my computer to freeze

  mugsmulligan 15:50 12 Mar 2005

while running my computer my cd re-writer which has stopped working tries to read cd's which arent in the drive. there is a red light which comes on on the drive which then freezes my computer. ive tried a lens cleaner to no avail and ive reinstalled some software to see if that would help. when looking at the drive itself from my computer, it will not read any disk but says that it the device is not ready. any ideas anyone????

  User-312386 15:58 12 Mar 2005

Right click "My Computer">select Properties and then the hardware tab. Now click on device manager.

Do you see a yellow exclamation mark under cd-rom drives? If you do then right click the drive and select "uninstall"

Now restart windows and repeat above to see if the yellow exclamations is there and report back.

  mugsmulligan 16:01 12 Mar 2005

there is no exclaimation mark, the drive says that it is working properly. but it still wont read any cds placed in it

  User-312386 16:04 12 Mar 2005

does it open/close?

  mugsmulligan 16:10 12 Mar 2005

it does indeed. i can open or close it from the base or i can eject from the properties tab on the e drive.everything seems to be working except reading the disc.but as i said later my computer will probably freeze up as it tries to read a disc in the drive which isnt there

  User-312386 18:37 12 Mar 2005

Looks liek laser has gone

Time for a new drive i think

  aca 22:36 12 Mar 2005

know it sounds basic but I have had similar problems . can be caused by dirt on lense. use pc/cd-rom cleaning disk/solution. with care though. worth a try before binning

  aca 22:37 12 Mar 2005

apologies, too much fizzy brown liquid missed that you have already tried to clean. sorry

  kyprosman 23:05 13 Mar 2005

Hi mate, Had same prob as you cured mine by reseating eide cable. problem has now gone. Andy

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