CD-R/CD+R What is the difference

  haricot 12:02 19 Dec 2007

I know that I should know this but don't and I was getting withdrawal symptoms anyway after my last marathon thread.

But if anyone can elaborate the differnce between the Plus and the Minus , I would appreciate it and as a bonus does anyone know if there is any particular make of Blank CD Media of either of the above which is best to record Music on.

So far I find that Emtec or Philips is best for me whereas Verbatim just wont work on my gear !


  CatTrading 12:37 19 Dec 2007

It a bit like the old video formats when you had Betamax & VHS.
Most pc's will read - minus discs, older ones will not.
Most newer drives read both + plus & - minus discs.
It does depend on what the maker says it will do!

  CatTrading 12:39 19 Dec 2007

As for the make of discs, i use Philips - discs for my main pc.
And Sony + discs for my laptop.

  donki 13:27 19 Dec 2007

TDK without any doubt, especially for MP3 disks. I can completely fill them and my car sterio will happily paly the full disk with no skipping.

  eedcam 14:01 19 Dec 2007

Hi Soya good to see yo're alive and Kicking no advantage with + discs cant understand why verbatim wont work as they are better discs I would just stick with what works for you

  Stuartli 14:12 19 Dec 2007

There are two types of CD media disks - CD-R and CD-RW.

The former represents CD-Recordable and, normally, is written to only once, although this can be overcome through multisession mode use (you keep adding items until the disk is full using Nero or similar0.

CD-RW represents CD-ReWritable and these can be written to many times if required; however, their reflectivity levels are not as good as CD-R disks and some optical drives may not be able to read them.

You can get DVD-R and DVD+R disks along with DVD-RW and DVD-RW disks.

  haricot 14:34 19 Dec 2007

Hi Guys thanks for the replies.

Nice to hear from you all and especially my ol'mate eedcam.

Stuartli...yep I did know that but what I am a tad unsure about is what is the actual difference between
CD-R (Minus R) and CD+R (Plus R) . what does the minus ones do different to the plus ones both on CD R

eedcam , I have an idea that it is my drive that
does not take kindly to Verbatim. But you are right
I'll stick with what works and I used emtec on those 30 odd Lp's that i'v just finished.

Looking forward to more enlightenment on plus and
minus difference.


  MCE2K5 15:46 19 Dec 2007

Sorry Ken, Never heard of CD+R (Plus R) Discs, + & - on DVD's, Yes.

Merry Christmas Lads.

Getting Withdrawal symptoms here.

Hi John.

  haricot 16:18 19 Dec 2007

Hi David

Ok I could be concerned over nothing then. I'll stick with the CD-R ones and be satisfied.

An afterthought.. are any of you genned up on DVD Recorders or have I got to pay my other "learned friends" a visit in AV Forums.

My problem is:- just shoved a DVD in my Panasonic DVD Recorder to play and I have got a message popped up as follows" Warning: Incompatible TV System Setting"

I've never seen it before, everything else seems to working fine and I have never had any problems playing DVD's before.

Can anyone identify what the problem might be and how do I get over it ...please ?


  haricot 16:30 19 Dec 2007

Hold on chaps . Ignore that last pleas for help . I have solved the problem.

I had a timer on and therefore it was in PAL and I needed to play in NTSC.

I'm learning fast .

Thanks to the likes of you guys.

all the best to all.


  100andthirty 20:00 19 Dec 2007


There are CD R and CD RW - no plus or minus

DVDs come as + and - formats. I think that's what you're on about. modern PC DVDs usually record and play both.

A few DVD recorders used with televisions still only record on one or the other but will replay both


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