cd-r disc problem

  the kopite 10:49 02 Feb 2004

HI Guys I have a problem with a cd- r disc it saya (can not copy files on this CD-Rom drive are read only) (and you can not copy files over to this CD-Rom drive) I am using nero 5.5 software any ideas guys thanks kopite

  Diodorus Siculus 11:14 02 Feb 2004

Is it a one off disk? If so, it may be damaged I think. What happens with other CD-Rs?

  Smiler 11:41 02 Feb 2004

Are you saying that the disc has already been written to and it has been closed or is it a blank disc that you are trying to write to. Files written to a cdr disc become read only and cannot be altered on the disc but can be copied to hard drive then by changing the files attributes you can then alter the file and write it to a new disc.

  the kopite 10:12 03 Feb 2004

Hi Guys this disc came with the cd-rw And there are five folders on it cdi-ext-mpegav-segment-vcd It also states the disc is full and it shows a capacity of 3.69 is that any help guys kopite

  Diodorus Siculus 11:16 03 Feb 2004

OK - the disk has been written to; you will need to try another one to be sure that your drive is working ok.

  Smiler 12:58 03 Feb 2004

You can only write to a writable or rewritable disc disc that either hasn't been written to or hasn't been finalised or closed. Disc that come with programms on them are not writable but read only. You need to buy either cd-r or cr-rw discs to use in the cd writer. If the disc you have is a cd-r then it looks like someone has already written to it and it has been finalised. Perhaps the cd writer you have has been previously bought then returned to where ever you bought it from?????

  the kopite 14:11 03 Feb 2004

Thanks smiller I think you might be right I got 2 discs with the drive and the cd-rw disc worked fine thats why I could not understand why the cd-r disc had folders on it kopite

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