CD-R+ and CD-R-

  Winxx 12:35 09 Sep 2006

I bought some CD+'s and it doesnt let me burn to it, took them to the shop, and im told i need CD-'s

Whats all that about, why are there +'s and -'s, and why didnt + work on my windows XP?

  Simsy 12:52 09 Sep 2006


CDs don't come as - or + types... (as far as I know!)



  anskyber 12:56 09 Sep 2006

click here As per Simsy response.

  Winxx 13:02 09 Sep 2006

Yeh DVD'sorry

  pj123 13:02 09 Sep 2006

As Simsy says. CDs only come as CDR or CDRW. DVDs however, come as + or -.

You would need a DVD Writer drive to burn to DVD and also note that the Win XP burning software (Roxio?) does not support burning to DVD anyway. You would then also need something like Nero to burn to DVD.

  Winxx 13:03 09 Sep 2006

That link doesnt really explain much?
Sorry. any thing else that may help me...

  pj123 13:10 09 Sep 2006

Fist of all, do you have a DVD Writer or a CD Writer. Perhaps a full spec of your computer would help us.

You can buy a pretty good version of Nero from:

click here

for £5.49 plus postage.

Make sure you buy Suite 3.

  Jak_1 14:24 09 Sep 2006

There are currently 3 types of DVD's + - and dual layer (and the r's and rw's). All depends upon what type your recorder/player uses, usually for the pc they are multi type. DVD redorders for the tv are eother + or -.

win-xp will burn to DVD with drag and drop.

  anskyber 18:14 09 Sep 2006

From the link "CD+R
An incorrect designation for CD-R recordable discs and drives. There are "plus R" DVD drives, but not "plus R" CD drives. See CD-R and DVD+R.2 Hence my comments that Simsy has set out the position. But we have moved on since then. Basiaclly if you want to burn Cds then you can (-R) but if you want to burn DVDs then you will need the software to do it always assumung you have a DVD burner rather than a CD only burner. Do you have a DVD drive?

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