Is cd printing problem being misunderstood?

  thanx 15:50 11 Jan 2009

I am looking for help following a long email correspondence with Epson. Either I do not understand what is being advised or Epson continue to misunderstand what my problem and the correct solution is. Here is my last of many messages to Tim at Epson - I hope it gives you the picture:

Tim, thanks for the reply, but again my query is not being understood. I can put the cds in the adapter ok. That's not the problem.

Imagine, I have inserted the cd into the adapter nice and snug. I then put the adapter into the tray in the printer that is correctly positioned for a cd, but the printer rejects it.

The adapter clearly does not fit snugly into the tray in the printer as the guide says it should. The outer edge of the adapter (note: not the inner where the cd goes) is 13cms wide, but the slot in the tray that is in the printer that receives the adapter is 15cms wide.

The tray begins to take the cd and adapter in to print, but the adapter moves and the print is aborted. In my mind this points to the adapter being the wrong size as it would not move and be rejected if it fitted snuggly, as the guide notes suggest it should.

If you can confirm the adapter should be 13cms wide at the outer edge and should not fit snugly then my problem will not be solved by replacing it with another 13cms wide adapter as you suggest (no matter the cost).

Alternatively, if the adapter I should be 15cms wide at the outer edge then I am willing to buy one that is 15cms - although I would have expected Epson to have provided the correct one with the printer I purchased.

Please answer this question: Should I or should I not have an adapter that is only 13cms wide at the outer edge?

If you cannot help me this time round I'll check my position with PCAdvisor before making any purchase.

Epson have not be able to answer this question, nor do they appear to understand the difference between the cd adapter which holds the cd (no problem with this) and the printer tray into which you place the adapter and cd in order to print onto the cd. Very frustrating. Can you help, please?

  Zaphod 3 16:02 11 Jan 2009

Our old one at work used to do the same, pressing the flashing red button used to make it behave itself.

It was an R800.

Our adaptor fitted snugly in the output tray.

Which model are you using?

  sharpamat 16:06 11 Jan 2009

sound like the old problem covered many times in the Forums

Is there suificent space at the back of the printer for the tray to come out of the back. if not move the printer foward.

The tray gos in the front once the CD is in it then goes thro and out of the back . if there is not enough clearence the print is aborted

  Pineman100 16:09 11 Jan 2009

I can't help with your problem. All I can say is that your explanation of your problem seems crystal clear to me.

If Tim at Epson can't understand it, perhaps you should ask for the problem to be escalated (Technical Support people seem to like that word) to a more senior advisor.

  thanx 16:28 11 Jan 2009

Its the Stylus Photo R360 and the room at the rear is ample. Tim was also concerned about my rear and I had hoped I had heard the last about it - I could become self-concious! Does anyone know if the tray and adapter should be the same size before I take Pineman 100s advice and 'escalate' the problem?

Pineman 100 reassures me, thanx.

  Zaphod 3 18:21 11 Jan 2009

I found this on Epson's website don't know if it helps, if you have found this already I apologise.

click here

  Stuartli 19:32 11 Jan 2009

I have an R300 - the CD tray has to move back and forth a couple of times before the printing of the disk commences.

If it is not lined up correctly in the first place, it's a case of trial and error to get the movements undertaken properly.

Part of the reason is that the original tray has a flexible plastic edge which gets moved out of line and has to be pushed and pulled to get it right.

Epson did bring out a more substantial replacement, but I've never bothered to get one yet.

  sharpamat 18:49 12 Jan 2009

you have lost me with your tray and adaptor being the same size. I have the R264 which is same range as your 360

The only time you need the adaptor in the tray is if your printing minidiscs it fits in the tray.

I use mine off and its just a matter of put the lever down, put the CD in the tray slide the try into the slots untill arrows are alined and print

  Stuartli 18:52 12 Jan 2009

I think sharpamat has the answer - an adapter with a full size CD or DVD blank disk being used in it on the tray will be, for obvious reasons, rejected by the printer.

  sharpamat 19:08 12 Jan 2009

Just measured my try and its 15.24 my old printer uses a narrower tray ( just a tad over 13Cm )check your part number with Epson
Mine is1434622-01 Printed on it

  thanx 19:17 14 Jan 2009

Sharpamat's second response has got close to my issue - its about the relative sizes of the printer's 'output tray' and the 'cd/dvd tray'. Mine have a 2cm difference, hence they move when drawn in and are rejected. Note I am using correct terms now as Zaphod 3 pointed me to guidance I have already seen and tried, but thanks anyway especially with getting my terminology right. I have just heard from Epsom again. They are not 'escalating' my issue, but are asking me to send them photos of the two trays showing how they (don't) fit together. I think this is a reasonable request so hold any more comments for now. I will have a go (probably at the weekend) and come back to you whatever the result. Thanks for your continued help.

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