madaboutplants 18:29 27 Jan 2007

what is the difference between a CD and a DVD? if i wish to make a copy of a music cd, do i buy cd or dvd? How do I decide which cd is suitable for music. similarly do i buy special cd for photographs? looking at cd description they mention speed, no idea what this is.
my daughter tells me it takes ages to copy music onto a cd, is there a fast way to copy?

sorry about many questions in this one title.
all this is confusing but hopefully my upcoming evening classes may help me in future.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 18:48 27 Jan 2007

if i wish to make a copy of a music cd? cd
How do I decide which cd is suitable for music? dont buy the very cheap one you wont get any errors when playing back
do i buy special cd for photographs? no
looking at cd description they mention speed? I always burn at say x 20 i get less errors that way
you can burn at x40 which is fast but you may get errors on cd maybe jumpy tracks and so on
it takes ages to copy music onto a cd? no not really under 2 minutes

  madaboutplants 18:57 27 Jan 2007

surfmonkey #:@}©. many tks. any particular brand name? Isee many Memorex, Infiniti and Fuji for sale.

  iscanut 18:59 27 Jan 2007

To ensure that the music CD plays both on your pc and any cd player, just use any ordinary CD. These will normally sell as CD(R) the R being read only. Do not use CDRW ( rewritable CDs ). Don t other with DVD for music as I am not sure if they will play on a CD player. No doubt someone else can answer that. You can use Windows Media player to write files held on the pc to a CD or you can buy such programs as Roxio orNero to copy music CDs. I am sure our forum members can suggest free programs instead of the commercialones.

  iscanut 19:01 27 Jan 2007

Don't other !! I meant Don't bother....

  SLAYER 19:01 27 Jan 2007

this is the place to come for advice.Help us help you
.What is your problem,

cd to dvd. does that describe your problem.

what help do you need.

Its here,help is here,decribe what you want,what help you need,and wait.

  madaboutplants 19:17 27 Jan 2007

surfmonkey #:@}© and Nuts have very kindly answered my problem.i believe my subject matter was clear even if my title was not. In trying to keep title short may be I failed to convey at a glance what my problem is. will try to be better.

  madaboutplants 19:20 27 Jan 2007

Nuts and surfmonkey #:@}©. many tks to you both.

  Strawballs 21:47 27 Jan 2007

If you record music to a DVD disc then you will not be able to play it on a cd player only DVD

  De Marcus™ 21:53 27 Jan 2007

Your post made perfect sense, don't apologise for it.

  Totally-braindead 00:26 28 Jan 2007

madaboutplants I too thought your post was quite clear and I understood perfectly what you were asking.

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