CD labels and inserts

  GrumpyJ 13:11 26 Feb 2007

Can anyone tell me where to get CD labels and inserts from. There are so many on google, I'd rather go somewhere which has been recomended.

  pj123 14:26 26 Feb 2007

Choice Stationery

click here

I don't use labels very often now as my printer will print direct to CD/DVD

  bennyhillslovechild 14:29 26 Feb 2007

I use the Fellowes Neato range, which seem to work well for me.

  jack 14:30 26 Feb 2007

W H Smiths
Stationery Box
P C World

Would you like more?

  Technotiger 14:31 26 Feb 2007

Hi, I second Choice Stationery ...

  FreeCell 16:48 26 Feb 2007

Try 7Dayshop I have used them and service and price are both good.

click here=

  GrumpyJ 06:53 27 Feb 2007

Thanks guys I'll check those out.

PJ123 wrote "I don't use labels very often now as my printer will print direct to CD/DVD"

What set up/printer/software etc are you using to do this

  Miros 07:17 27 Feb 2007


  FreeCell 14:03 27 Feb 2007


Few Epson and Canon printers have the feature of printing directly onto special inkjet compatible CDs/DVDs. These are more expensive than normal CDs etc.

"Epson recommends allowing the CD to dry for at least 24 hours to prevent any smearing of the ink. Not all printable discs are the same, I much prefer the white-sided ones to the silver ones, they have better color reproduction. You can only print on those discs that are specifically manufactured as "ink jet printable" discs, regular CD discs cannot be used. Even when fully dried, the ink can be smeared if handled with wet fingers. The R800's pigment ink is more resistant to smearing than the Stylus 960 with its dye inks but it still isn't permanent. When printing on the silver-surface discs the color saturation is only about 50% maximum even with the driver set to darkest printed colors possible."

There are also CD/DCD drives that use a technology called Lightscribe that use laser in the drive itself to put text on to, again, special lightscribe CDs/DVDs.

Labels are likely to be a better choice IMHO.

  pj123 14:44 27 Feb 2007


You've got it all wrong.

Printable CD/DVDs are the same price as non printables, at least, they are where I get mine from. In fact I never buy anything else but printables now.

I use an Epson R220 printer and when set correctly to print to CD/DVD it is instant dry.

I have never had to wait 24 hours.

GrumpyJ, I have two Epson R220 printers and use Discus to make and print the labels.

Discus can be got from here:

click here

Info on the Epson R220 from:

click here

  Miros 15:21 27 Feb 2007

There is a product on the market for spaying and sealing and fixing pastel paintings (some may think of them as drawings). I wonder if this product would also seal the ink used on CDs or is there a similar product on the market made specifically for CDs?

The former would be available from an Artist supply shop.

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