CD Labels

  ponytail 12:06 28 Sep 2010

Can anyone advise on the best way to print CD Labels what type of paper etc.I have a Epson Stylus PHOTO 900 Printer and I also have a program installed called UnderCoverXP which may be suitable

  Ian in Northampton 12:10 28 Sep 2010


click here

is the kind of thing you want.

  ponytail 12:18 28 Sep 2010

Hi Ian
These look ok and I presume I can print them in my printer by just inserting the sheets whereI load my A4 paper.Correct

  ponytail 12:24 28 Sep 2010

I have one of the following with a version of Nero 6 I bought some years ago but have never used it because not sure how to use it can someone advise.

click here

  KremmenUK 12:27 28 Sep 2010

I opted away from CD labels a few years ago a got a printer that prints directly onto 'Printable' CDR/DVDR media

The results are far better than labels and well worth considering.

  ponytail 12:28 28 Sep 2010

Could you let me have details of your printer

  Ian in Northampton 12:45 28 Sep 2010

ponytail: yep, that's what you do. Most CD printing software is laid out to take advantage of these A4-based templates, although it can take a little trial and error to get it exactly right.

Like KremmenUK says, though, with 'printable' CDs/DVDs, you can get some excellent results. From what I can see, your printer should support printing direct onto the CD and you shouldn't need to use labels. Doing this, you also minimise the (very slight) danger of a label detaching or getting torn/creased in the drive.

I ended up investing in a LightScribe drive - about £25 from PC World - and while LS-compatible DVDs are slightly more expensive, the results look more professional(IMHO.

  woodchip 12:45 28 Sep 2010

Epson Make DVD printers Choose yourself click here

  woodchip 12:47 28 Sep 2010

Don't Forget you need the correct CD, DVD to print on, it does not work on cheap normal CD's

  Bapou 16:46 28 Sep 2010

I'm all in favour of a decent marker pen than a sticky label. May not look professional but finding, after a while, labels degrade, discs no longer readable, the pen was safer.

You can even things up by creating a nice label for the cover.

  chub_tor 17:41 28 Sep 2010

The Epson Photo 900 does have direct printing onto CD/DVD discs so you have the choice of sticking on blank labels and printing them inside your printer or printing direct onto printable discs. Having tried both over the years I much prefer the latter.

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