CD Label Software, preferably free!

  TonyV 11:28 21 Feb 2011

Since getting the Win7 64bit laptop, I have been struggling to get a CD Label Software programme.

When I transferred stuff from my desktop, I seem to have lost the disc for the software I had, which was an OEM Nero and something else, who's name escapes me , but had an extension of .ec4. (The other extension was .ncd.)

I have been through a number on Google, but none of them appear to use other files beyond their own produced ones. I have some files I would like to use again.

Has anyone got any idea as to the best label software to use in this circumstance? Or, can they be produced in Word 2007?



  sil_ver 11:50 21 Feb 2011
  TonyV 12:46 21 Feb 2011

I bought their applicator which came with a copy of their software. I had the devil's own job to install it, something like four times before I had to copy all the files to my hard disc from their CD, then change the compatibility, and when I did all that and eventually got it running, it would not open any other format of files! I wasn't best pleased!!

So thanks for that, no thanks!!



  northumbria61 13:16 21 Feb 2011

I haven't used it but yes it can be done from Microsoft Office click here

  TonyV 13:23 21 Feb 2011

Thanks. Will have a look and see how simple it will be to ensure all the labels line up OK prior to printing.

I am actually looking at AudioLabel at the moment. If it works out OK, I may well purchase it. Though, once again, it will not open labels created via another programme. 'Twas ever thus!!



  northumbria61 13:28 21 Feb 2011

Just noticed that is an OLD post.
However it can be done fron MS Office 2007 by doing the following. Open MS Office WORD - HOME button - Select NEW - under the heading TEMPLATES select MS OFFICE ONLINE - type DVD Template into search box and download template.

  northumbria61 13:37 21 Feb 2011

There is a complete kit here from Amazon with 80 assorted labels click here

  northumbria61 13:43 21 Feb 2011

TonyV - further click here

  TonyV 13:53 21 Feb 2011

I actually bought a similar applicator through Pressit, and gave up! See my second post above. So don't really want to go the Neato route.

had a look at your MS Word 2007 info, and that looks as though it may be useful. I will have a closer look and see what style of sheet layout the templates are.



  northumbria61 13:56 21 Feb 2011

Hi TonyV - I was trying to think of the software I used a lot of years ago. It was Avery Design Pro "afterBURNER" Edition. I still have the install CD for XP but not compatible with Win7 (at least not for 64bit) This is the complete kit click here=

This is the AVERY UK website and you can download free templates for Microsoft Word - click here

Hope all this helps.

  TonyV 14:05 21 Feb 2011

Many thanks. I have looked at the MS templates, but I cant see how to get the paper listed that suits the layout of the labels I have. Mine are layed out as one top LHS and one Bottom RHS on an A4 size sheet.

I will also look at your Avery link and see if there is anything there that will help. If all else fails, I will try and see the benefits of the Audiolabel programme. First impression from the trial run is that it may well do the trick.


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