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  Brig2 11:24 28 Mar 2004

I recently recorded family photos on a CD and sent it to my sister in Australia, but her cd drive in a new pentium PC cannot read the CD.

Can anyone please tell me why this is?


  temp003 11:32 28 Mar 2004

Are the photos just jpg files>

How did you "record" the photos?

Did you use packet writing (such as Roxio's DirectCD or Nero's InCD) - i.e. drag and drop your photo files to the CD?

Or did you use some other special software?

  JayDay 12:40 28 Mar 2004

If you used a CD-RW disk and packet writing then it sometimes can't be read on a standard CD drive. If they have a separate CD-RW drive get them to view the disk on that. If not re copy the files onto a CD-R disk using a data project in Roxio or Nero.

  pj123 14:06 28 Mar 2004

Does your sister get an error message when trying to view the CD. If so, what is it?

  arricarry 16:03 28 Mar 2004

Hello - If you have used a file extension that the other machine does not support then the Cd will be unreadable until a program is installed that will read that file extension. Or you have made a "coaster"

  arricarry 16:04 28 Mar 2004

Did it work on your machine after you made it?

  woodchip 16:07 28 Mar 2004

You need to save as VCD and she should be able to read in a DVD player on the computer or a Stand alone DVD that will play photo CD's

  Brig2 17:08 28 Mar 2004

The photos are .jpg files on a CD-R

They were written using NTI cd & dvd-maker 6.5 platinum, on MSI dvd/cd r/rw.

Sometimes a "cannot read cd" message, other times a "no cd in drive".

The cd read fine on my machine.

Thank you for responses.

  arricarry 17:18 28 Mar 2004

Hello - jpegs are pretty universal, what kind of disc did you make? data ,multisession etc. Does the other machine read jpegs made elsewhere, its possible the other reader is "not well"

  woodchip 20:37 28 Mar 2004

Can she see the JPG files on the CDR in Explorer if so tell her to double click a file and it should open in a photo edit program if she as one. Or open in the Program Open menu and navigate to the CD and files and double click a file.

PS why cannot she come on the PCA site so we can help, it's not that far by net

  temp003 02:42 29 Mar 2004

If the photos are simply burned as individual jpg files, your sister's computer (especially when it's new) should be able to read them. Even if she hasn't got any image programs, at least Internet Explorer can read jpg files.

If the CD was burned using packet writing, then she needs to run software that can read it. If she has any CD burning software (such as Roxio or Nero), ask her to try starting DirectCD or InCD. If she hasn't got such software, she can download UDF Reader from click here and install it.

If you burned the photos as a slide show VCD, then she may need to open her software DVD player to play the VCD. Try Windows Media Player (or other DVD player), click File, Open, point to the CD drive, select all files, and try opening the files on the CD (there might be a dat file if it's a VCD). If it doesn't work on her computer's CDROM, ask her to try playing it in her home DVD player.

If none of this works, just burn another CD, making sure that this time you just burn the photos as a data CD (not any special CD, just storage/backup CD).

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