cd and floppy drives not working-PLEAE HELP!!!

  Viv-208691 17:09 26 Apr 2004

Hi there, my last power supply failed me so i bought myself a new one. It seems to be working fine, however I cant make either my cd dvd drive, my cdrw or floppy dives to work. Ive connected them up to the leads securely so am a little baffled as to why they are not working. Any ideas please??? (I have a Q-TEC 550 WP)

Please help me

Kind regards

  Gongoozler 17:18 26 Apr 2004

Are they recognised by your BIOS (usually accessed by pressing the "Delete" key during boot-up).

  Viv-208691 17:20 26 Apr 2004

umm, it saws "flobby disk failed" but doesnt mention the cd drives

Thanks for your help, please continue to do so!

Kind regards

  Gongoozler 17:25 26 Apr 2004

Hi Vsz. Are you sure that the drive cables are correctly fitted and in good condition, and the Master/Slave jumpers in the correct position. Is the BIOS setting for the cd drives at "AUTO", and for the floppy at "1.44M. 3.5 in."

  woodchip 17:33 26 Apr 2004

check you have the ribbon cables the right way round onto the drives but you should have not had any need to touch these. on the CD the red wire should be next to the power cable, the power cable should only go in one way unless you forced it. the floppy cab be only one way if the floppy light is on all the time turn the ribbon cable over so red is opposite way round

  Viv-208691 18:15 26 Apr 2004

when i start up my pc it says the following:

Primary slave:none

Secondary master:none

Secondary slave:none

Floppy disk(s) fail (40)

I then press F1 to continue despite this

I havent touched the ribbon cables since replacing my power supply, i shouldnt need to should i??

Im sure that the drives are fitted ok because this problem has only occured since i changed the power supply.

Any ideas???

Please reply again,

Kind regards

  Viv-208691 19:07 26 Apr 2004

pleeeeease, desperate!!

kind regards

  Valvegrid 19:21 26 Apr 2004

Why did your old power supply stop working? Have you any idea? My chain of thinking is that something has made the old power supply go pop. Try disconnecting all the drives apart from the floppy and see if that works, then start connecting each drive in turn, process of elimination.


  Viv-208691 19:52 26 Apr 2004

ok, will try that
thanks valve

kind regards

  BlueMeanie 20:57 26 Apr 2004

Perhaps your dying power supply, parted a final parting shot.......

Why not buy / borrow another floppy drive: new ones are only a few pounds, sorry CD's/DVD drives are a little more money.

Regards and best of luck

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