CD Files saved as 'Read Only'

  DRiM 15:45 10 Aug 2003

I am putting all my digital pictures from my new digital camera onto CD and it is all going fine, I can view them all as a slideshow. But I have a problem.

They are all saved as 'Read Only', so I can't transfer them back to my hard drive if I want to.

Is there any way of making them NOT Read Only, and to avoid this when saving to CD in future?


  anchor 15:58 10 Aug 2003

I regularly copy my digital pictures to CD-R for safe keeping. They are always "read-only".

If I need to, I copy them back to a folder on my hard drive, and change the attribute by removing the tick against "read-only".

To do this, after copying the picture file(s) to your new folder, right click on a picture, then choose "properties", and remove the "read-only" tick.

  mark500 16:00 10 Aug 2003

Right click on the folder containing the pix and uncheck the read only attribute. You could also uncheck each individual pic if you are a masochist ;-)

  seedie 16:03 10 Aug 2003

Have you tried reading them back to your hard drive?

The essence of this matter is that CDRom files are by their nature read only although CD-RW can be rewritten. Sounds confusing I know, but give it some thought.

Good luck!


  DRiM 16:07 10 Aug 2003

OK, I am quite new to this.

I have saved a few hundred pics to CD-RW (Not CDR), and them erased them from my Hard Drive.

I now discover I can't change their attribute from Read Only, nor can I transfer them back to Hard Drive, it just says 'Access Denied!'

I always understood that a Read Only file could be copied from one storage place to another OK.


  anchor 16:12 10 Aug 2003

Another thought: If you have a lot of picture files to change, then there is a useful free application that will change the "read-only" attribute in one go.

This is called "ReadOnly application" and can be downloaded from click here

Scroll to last one near the bottom of the page.

  anchor 16:19 10 Aug 2003

Can you open and view the picture file from the CD-RW?. Have you tried copying using a different CD-Rom?.

As you say, there should be no problem; I do it all the time. However, I know that CD-RW can sometimes be less reliable than CD-R.

  DRiM 16:41 10 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help.

It is OK, I have it working now.

Much appreciated

  Smiler 16:46 10 Aug 2003

You have it working now. So you're not going to tell us how you got it working so that it could help some otheer poor soul in the future?????????

  anchor 16:58 10 Aug 2003

Smiler is right. One of the good things about these forums is that by reading how problems are resolved, everyone can learn.

Let us into the secret.

  Smiler 16:32 11 Aug 2003


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