CD DVD Drives and writers

  geoff47 00:23 04 Sep 2007

I should know but obviously dont.
Bought a barebones system not too long ago.
I recently tried to burn a DVD, only to realise that I dont have a DVD writer, I transferred the CD writer from my old PC into the new one.
Now the question.......In My Computor I have four "Devices with Removeable Storage" showing A is a floppy, D a DVD, E is a CD-RW, F is another CD drive.
Strange thing is I dont have an F drive.
Why does it show up ?

  scotty 12:34 04 Sep 2007

I have seen DVD writers which support DVD RAM show up as two devices.

  total_pc 12:40 04 Sep 2007

In my computer right click your f drive and left click "eject". If a drawer opens it is a physical drive. Do you have any virtual drive software installed - daemon tools, alcohol 120 etc??

  jimv7 12:43 04 Sep 2007

Nero and alcohol can put a virtual drive on the system so you can write to the hard drive and have the benefit of a cd/dvd, I imagine other writing software can and will do the same.

  geoff47 17:40 04 Sep 2007

The drawer does not open when requested for E.
To be honest I dont know if I have any virtual Drive software installed, I have recently installed UltraISO as I wanted to burn an ISO image of Mandriva, otherwise I have been using CD Burner XP Pro.
None of my drives record DVDs, I know because when I misguidedly tried to burn one, the media was not recognised, hence this query.

  [email protected] 17:57 04 Sep 2007

Hi geoff47
try uninstalling it from device manager and reboot
failing that try click here to remove virtual drives

  geoff47 23:24 04 Sep 2007

I have just taken a look into Device Manager and the drive doesn't exist there.
I then went to My Computor and right clicked properties, and basically it is the Hard Drive, the same values are repeated if I investigate drive C and drive E.

What is its significance ? Is it just an error or something sinister ?
Should I just delete it from My Computor or do I need to uninstall it properly ?

Now you have me worried "The Raven"

  [email protected] 23:41 04 Sep 2007

its either a second hard drive or partition ie one drive split into two.
Dont delete it

  [email protected] 23:55 04 Sep 2007

ive one drive on my laptop
this is partitioned ie C drive and D drive in my case.
The C drive is 36 gb and the D drive is 4 gb
on the D partition are the recovery files.
Ive also a F drive which is an external hard drive

Double click the E drive to see whats stored on it.

there is nothing sinister,dont delete it or uninstall it.
right click each drive properties check used space/free space on each one

  geoff47 00:52 05 Sep 2007

My C drive is 74gb and not partitioned,while my F drive says its a CD Drive.

Apologies for E read F in some posts above.
I have a floppy A drive a D and an E drive that work and exist.....F shows in My Computor but I dont have any F drive

  [email protected] 01:17 05 Sep 2007

youve lost me geoff47 with this e read f read hard drive read cd drive

so this phantom f drive is definately not A hard drive as indicated in your 23.24 post?

and it falls under removable storage devices in my computer?
if thats the case its probably a virtual drive,run this click here and remove it.
if you want to that is, otherwise just leave it

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