CD and DVD drives gone missing!

  BryanT 19:55 20 Aug 2003

With my Evesham Axiom and XP, I have suddenly lost the CD and DVD drives. On startup, I get the message "Sec Slave Drive - ATAPI incompatible. Press F1." "My computer" does not "see" these drives any more. I have emailed Evesham, but while I wait for a response, can anybody help? In case it's a software problem, I have tried restoring back to a couple of system checkpoints, but this makes no difference. Is this a hardware/firmware problem?

  Barrie_G 19:59 20 Aug 2003

first thing I would do is check the connections on the leads.

Do the lights flash on boot up?

  spikeychris 20:02 20 Aug 2003

Go to the BIOS and check that the CD-ROM hasn't been set as the set Secondary Slave rather than Auto.


  Bodi 20:11 20 Aug 2003

periodically with my son's computer. Sometimes the BIOS found the CDRW and sometimes it didn't. I cured the problem by going into the BIOS - sorry Spikey Chris - by setting, in this case, secondary slave, to CD-ROM, PI0, UDMA 4. Somehow the "Auto" setting was incorrectly reading the drive.

It hasn't happened since. Hope this helps,


  Bodi 20:12 20 Aug 2003

"UDMA 2" - his was a 16x 10x x32 drive.


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