CD, DVD Burners Won't Spin Up to Burn

  chriskean1 07:10 06 Sep 2005

First post--be gentle. I am a novice at most of this stuff.

Here's the quick version--my new, external DVD burner seems to be malfunctioning in a suspiciously familiar way (the way my internal CD-RW has been malfunctioning for months). It won't spin when supposedly "burning" DVDs. Please read on.

My Benq CD-RW has been malfunctioning for many months (beginning when I returned from a long trip, so not sure what happened to it). Basically, it would play CDs fine, but when I tried to burn anything (at the time I was using a free version of Nero, 5-point-something), the software would appear to work fine, counting down time left and burn percentage, etc., but I could hear that the burner was not spinning at all. Then the CD would be ejected (usually before the fake "burn" had timed out, and often followed by a physical memory dump, blue screen and one of several messages unintelligible to me--page fault, fault in nonpaged area, etc., etc.)).

I had assumed this to be a purely mechanical problem rather than anything software- or virus-related, and decided to get a new CD-RW or a DVD burner at some point.

Last week I got an NEC ND-3540A DVD burner, with an external housing (USB 2). For some time it would not recognize disks at all, until I installed a USB 2.0 PCI card (duh) and uninstalled some software (I now have only Deep Burner and some remainder files from Ahead Nero). Now the DVD burner makes CDs quickly and efficiently, and can read DVDs of movies, photos, etc. perfectly, but when I try to use Deep Burner to burn a DVD I get the identical problem I've had with the CD-RW. It makes DVD coasters just as the CD-RW makes CD coasters. This makes me pretty sure the CD-RW's problem is not mechanical. I'm just hoping it is a settings problem or some conflicting software rather than a virus or something equally serious.

Any ideas? (If memory serves--a friend built it for me) I have an Athlon processor, Maxtor HD (!* of 60GB free), running XP SP1. I have used device manager to make sure everything is set to DMA, and tried to clean out conflicting software (Nero, Easy CD-DA, etc.).

Thanks very much for any help. If you have read this far, I already owe you one.


Last week I bought a

  Diodorus Siculus 08:44 06 Sep 2005

Sounds strange...

Do you have the XP CD?

If so, click here
scannow sfc - how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker).

Do you run anything in the background? Maybe try to shutdown everything else when burning DVDs: AV, anti-spyware, basically anything that uses your resources.

I think that if this were posted in the helproom, it might attract a few more visitors.

  jack 09:01 06 Sep 2005

In addition to 'DS' check .
I notice you said that you were using a 'Free' version of Nero 5.
This Software does not burn DVD's.

Later Nero's such as 'Reload' is needed for DVD's
Dont know about 'Deep Burner' though
Also I notice you were trying burn rewritables.
once more you need rewrite software in Nero's case this is known as 'InCD' packet writing.
To confuse things even more.
XP has its own 'builtin' burn routine.
If this has not been 'turned off' whilst using third party software, a conflict situation will ensue.

  chriskean1 14:23 06 Sep 2005

I do not have XP CD--not sure whether I have it at all, but in any case I have been traveling for most of the year, so my stuff is all in storage other than my PC and a few other items, which I keep at a relative's.

I try not to run anything when burning. But QuickTime, AntiVir Guard, NVIDIA Media Center all show in right side of the toolbar along the bottom of the screen--does this mean they're "in the background," or do I just have to make sure not to actually run them?

As for Nero, this is what I had been using for CDs. I first downloaded DeepBurner, and then deleted Nero because I thought this might be the problem. I have never tried to burn a rewritable disk, and am unlikely to do so as I want to burn mainly for archiving.

Thanks. I will try to post in the helproom also.


  chriskean1 14:37 06 Sep 2005

Sorry--I posted too soon. Jack, you mention shutting off Windows's own built-in burn routine. I have occasionally burned CDs using this, so I'm pretty sure it's not off (I assume you mean just loading files into "X" drive's folder and then copying onto CD).

If not too much trouble, please try to walk me through how to turn it off.



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