CD and DVD

  meater 19:17 20 Apr 2006

When copying data to a CD or DVD, which is the best type to use, as you can get CD+R or CD-R, also it is the same with DVD's. Somebody told me one was better than the other for Data. Can anybody help.

From Meater

  User-312386 19:23 20 Apr 2006

You cant get CD+R all you can get is CD-R(Which is write once only) and CD-RW (which is a re-writable disc)

DVD-R and DVD+R are 2 different types of format for DVD

I prefer the -R's although it really depends on your DVD-Rewriter

  Diodorus Siculus 19:24 20 Apr 2006

CDs are either CD-R which is write once or CD-RW which are rewritable.

As for DVDs they come as = and - : I think that the minus are more compatible with stand alone players.

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