CD Duplicator

  Luca M 12:07 20 Jan 2008

Hi all,

I am looking into buying a CD/DVD Duplicator unit, but I would just like to know weather it is possible to this with adding more hardware to a normal desktop PC?

I have a case that can handle all the extra CD Drives, but is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 12:19 20 Jan 2008

Duplicators are normally thought of in terms of x3, x7, x10 etc. Adding one to a normal PC setup means extra hardware whatever you choose. Also they can be quite expensive - approx £600 for a x10 for instance, or maybe more.

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  Luca M 12:22 20 Jan 2008

I am looking at getting a x3, so adding another 2 dvd rw drives to the one that I already have inside the pc.

Would it be possible for this setup to work in the way that a duplicator does, or will the pc only be able to use 1 dvd drive at a time?

  Technotiger 12:29 20 Jan 2008

Have never tried it myself, but I guess it would depend on what Software you use.

Maybe this will give you more info ... click here

  Luca M 12:34 20 Jan 2008

Yes, I have seen that website, it was where I am going to get the duplicator from. It dosent really answer weather I can use the PC. I have done some searching and found nothing, but just thought that it may be possible with a little bit of software or hardware.

  ambra4 13:17 20 Jan 2008

Base on the amount of SATA and IDE connection that the motherboard have it possible to install more than 2 DVD drive, a normal IDE computer will only take 2 internal DVD drive

You will also need the software to copy to a bank of DVD drives using the normal Nero software will only copy to 1 DVD drive

Most Duplicators are stand-alone unit that copy from the main DVD drive to a bank of other DVD drives

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  Luca M 13:21 20 Jan 2008

Ok, so from that comment I understand that it is most likely not possible to use the PC as a multiple cd duplicator.

I will just buy the cd duplicator that I intended to buy.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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