CD drive won't play audio cds

  robco 11:15 29 Jan 2005

Hi Guys,
Someone out there must know the answer to this. I can't ubderstand it! Recently did a reinstall of win98se to format my hard drive as there was quite a "bit of clutter". Since then, my cd drive is reading only data cds. It will autoinsert a data cd and play it's music no problem but as soon as i put an audio cd in, it won't autoplay and it won't play its music through the speakers which is a real shame as i have recently upgraded them and want to really "try them out". When i plug in earphones to the front panel, i can hear the music but it's not very load. Any ideas?
Am going out for a bit and will check your answers later. Some of you must have come across this. I just can't seem to get around it. Cheers Guys in anticipation Rob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:48 29 Jan 2005

IS there an audio cable fitted betwen CD and sound card?

If not then in DEVICE MANAGER click on drive select properties - properties tab - tick enable digital CD audio

  dan11 11:51 29 Jan 2005

It may be that you have no sound cable from your cdrom to the sound card. You don't really need one as windows can send the signal down the IDE cable. This was probably how the computer was setup before the format.

Try this. Start > setting > control panel > multimedia > cd player. There should be a tick box there for " enable digital audio for the cdrom" or something similar. Put a tick in the box. If you have more than one device capable of playing music c\d's, make sure the drop down box shows the drive you want.

It's a long time since I have been in 98SE so the wording may be slightly different.

Hope this gets you going.;-)

  dan11 11:54 29 Jan 2005

snap :-)

  dan11 13:51 29 Jan 2005

Thanks for the e-mails, but you would be better off putting a reply on the thread so every one can see. This way someone may have the solution you need.

first e-mail

"Thanks Dan, unfortunately, i can't find anything relating to " enable digital audio for the cdrom" when i look in device manager. Any ideas? Rgrds Rob"

Second e-mail

"Sorry Dan, i've found this but it's greyed out so i can't select it Rob"

Well I'm a bit stuck now robco;-)

have a look in control panel > system > device manager. Have you any yellow exclamation marks.

Have you checked the sound properties, to see if any of the buttons are on mute.

Thats about me done:-(

Maybe someone knows this off the top of their head and can help.:-)

Dashing in and out of the garden, trying to get a few jobs done while it's not to bad. Will check at next tea break.;-)

  Leslie-212488 16:13 29 Jan 2005

robco what media player are you using( which is your defailt player)it has'nt got anything to do with DMR, does it?
i remember trying to play a recent cd, my son bought,it would not play it. i think i was using MP 7 at the time. Just a thought.

  ACOLYTE 16:18 29 Jan 2005

"When i plug in earphones to the front panel, i can hear the music but it's not very loud".

This would indicate to me that the cd is playing cd music,so i would look at the sound side of things not the cd itself,drivers maybe,volume control of what you are using to play back music even the audio lead on the back of the cd drive.

  Trilby2 17:54 29 Jan 2005

Have you got the Speakers pluged in to the correct socket , I recently had the same problem, I reversed the two cables and it worked


  robco 19:10 29 Jan 2005

Hi Guys,
Have just got back.
If it's the audio lead that's at fault, surely i wouldn't be able to play sound from the data cds either or do these work differently?
Am invetsigating inside the case to make sure that nothing's come loose. Will report back. Rgds Rob

  ACOLYTE 19:28 29 Jan 2005

Not necessarily i assume if they are data Cd's you have installed them,and they would be on the system some systems play audio through the IDE cable you could try copying the music from cd and playing back of the hard drive that would make sure the sound device is working on the pc.
If it does it may indicate the cd player at fault.

  robco 19:58 29 Jan 2005

Thanks, I'll try this!

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