CD Drive stuck closed, HELP!

  nebuchan 09:57 31 Jul 2006

My CD/DVD rewriter drive is stuck closed with a CD i was recording onto my Hard Drive in it.

I was using the latest windows media player, and it got halfway through ripping the first song and froze. I waited but nothing happened, so i restarted the computer, and now it says there is nothing in the drive.

I tried to open it, using the button, but it dosent work. I have tried on My computer to eject the cd too, but this does not work.
I have also tried system restore.

Any ideas?

  Halmer 10:06 31 Jul 2006

there a little hole on the case that you can push a ballpen into?

  nebuchan 10:09 31 Jul 2006

Yeah found the hole and got the cd out, pushed it back in and the drive refuses to work, when i press the eject button, the light blinks once but nothing happens

  Sethhaniel 10:25 31 Jul 2006

could be a driver not registered correctly on first boot - or a connection wire worked loose inside
try it with another cd - could have be faulty cd

  nebuchan 10:37 31 Jul 2006

i have tried rebooting and on device manager it says it it working correctly, and it still has power as the light comes on.

  Stuartli 10:53 31 Jul 2006

>>there a little hole on the case that you can push a ballpen into?>>

A safety pin rather than a ball pen - latter would be too thick.

If anyone ever needs to do this make sure that the system is switched off first (for obvious reasons!).


Check that the leads and cables are securely connected to the drive.

It could be too that the laser has packed up - rewriters have a shorter lifespan than a standard CD-ROM drive (see manufacturers' MTPF figures).

  Diemmess 10:55 31 Jul 2006

A mechanical fault?
I suggest this because I have just had a go at repairing a mini CD/radio/Hi Fi where a CD jammed, was forced out, and a rubber drive band has broken.

You might be lucky if you remove the CD drive from the case and have a look at "the levers and springs."

  Stuartli 12:32 31 Jul 2006

Better known as a drive belt...:-)

Taking apart a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD or DVD rewriter is not an exercise for inexperienced hands if you wish to get it all back together again to its original state.

The current low prices of such drives means, in any case, it's not worth the bother.

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