Cd Drive struck out ....

  Workingmum 08:17 09 Mar 2009

Are there any easy remedies for fixing cd drive tha is struck out and wil not move

  Taff™ 08:34 09 Mar 2009

Is this on a tower or a laptop? If the latter what make and model of laptop? This is almost certainly a mechanical problem and provided a component hasn`t actually broken may be fixable but in either case you would have to remove the drive to inspect it.

  ened 08:54 09 Mar 2009

Do you mean the draw is out and will not return?

If so try to (Very) gently push it in - by applying pressure on the draw itself rather than the button. If it is going to go it will so don't force it.

Try turning the power off completely and then restarting.

  Workingmum 17:34 09 Mar 2009

thanks for replies....How do I remove it....

  Workingmum 17:40 09 Mar 2009

Please can any one HELP...
Every time I shut down my pc and restart, Outlook loses the default email account.....and I have to re-setup email details and set to default...Should I be saving the defaults somewhere. Ie to documents and settings...
All previous sent and received emails stay in Outlook...
An idiots guide would be great as it's destroying my brain.

  ened 17:46 09 Mar 2009

Are you comfortable going inside the case?

Turn the machine off and leave it plugged into the mains.

Take the side panel off and make sure you are earthed by touching the case.

You should be able to see how the drive is fitted - they vary but hopefully it is on a slider. there will be two cables attached to the back - one for the power and one to connect it to the motherboard. Unplug them and remove it.

If it is on a slider there will be release catches on either side of the front panel. You might need to unscrew a couple of screws which you will be able to see.

Hope this helps.

  ened 17:47 09 Mar 2009

If I was yopu I would start a new thread about your mail problem

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