CD Drive refuses to write more than 1 CD at once

  prb 22:42 12 Jan 2007

When making copies of CDs, my new Acer Aspire notebook will get part way through a second copy, and then fail to finish writing. I've tried using different software, but have the same problem with both. Anyone have any suggestions? I've had a similar problem before on another Acer laptop in the past.


  SANTOS7 22:49 12 Jan 2007

"When making copies of CDs" Bold statement on a Pc forum!!
We would need to know exactly what you are copying as any advice we give up until then could be an aid to piracy, which of course you know is illegal..

  prb 22:57 12 Jan 2007

SANTOS7 no need to worry about copyright - the original CDs are recordings of our church services, and the copies are distributed to people who for whatever reason are unable but would have liked to attend, but point taken, I perhaps should have explained myself a bit better in the first instance!

  SANTOS7 23:09 12 Jan 2007

Not a problem then prb, will do a bit of delveing for ya, be glad to help if i can.

  SANTOS7 23:21 12 Jan 2007

does the burning just stop or do you get an error message.
Slim theory, but its not adding the data twice from the first burn so the data does not fit the second disc..

  €dstowe 06:41 13 Jan 2007

Are you using the same part of your software package to write the second CD as you did the first one?

If so, try using the "Copy CD" or "Copy Disk" facility that most disk burning software has and burn the second CD from the first.

  prb 08:11 13 Jan 2007

Thanks for your comments,

Santos7 - If I try to play an uncomplete CD there is only one set of tracks but it just stops mid-track.

Last time the error message was simply 'Critical Error' and it ejected the CD.

€dstowe - I normally use the 1:1 copy option, and then confirm the number of copies required. I could try burning the second CD from the first, but that would mean effectively re-reading all the tracks rather than the computer effectively 1 image file and then burning it to mulitple CDs

  €dstowe 08:25 13 Jan 2007

You are right in your comments about my suggestion but remember my system may work - your method at present does not.

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