CD Drive problems - please help

  Kaydeen 18:33 24 Feb 2003

I have a 1.2Ghz pc that has been working fine for some time, but recently i turned ont the computer to find that the cd drive is not working. The cd drive itself is fine, but under the scsi/raid area in device manager is the only device listed as having a problem. This is very confusing as my cd drive is IDE. The device manager states that this non working device is not working because of a problem in the registry (code 19) i know that this i not the case as i have run system resotre and put my registry back to what it was when the computer was working.

  rct 18:50 24 Feb 2003

Try uninstalling the device, then physically disconnect it from the IDE port. Boot up the computer, then shut down, reconnect, check it shows up in the BIOS and allow it to redetect when Windows starts, with any luck this should solve it.

  Kaydeen 19:05 24 Feb 2003

Nope, that hasn't helped, but thanks anyway. any more suggestions?

  rct 21:14 24 Feb 2003

Does it show up in the BIOS?

  Rtus 21:24 24 Feb 2003

Hmm Are we talking WinMe here ? Now under device manager How many Cd drives are listed Its not unknown for the O/s to find and install what I call Phantom drives (entries like Generic Hard drive type 47 /Scussi drives when it doesnt in fact have them ) The easiest way is to highlight each drive and then select its properties > setings (note its drive letter)working on what you actually have remove any that are not real drives.. this should correct the problem .however there are other reasons for error like this especially if youve removed it It then depends if youve returned it to the correct IDE terminal it was set to in the first place..You need to advise what other drives you have (apart from floppy)and where on the IDE ports they are set .

  bowman 21:36 24 Feb 2003

Kaydeen you don't say what OS you are using? but have a look here:

CD-ROM Access Is Missing.............

click here

Hope this helps.

  Kaydeen 21:52 24 Feb 2003

I have win xp home and i only have a hard drive - maxtor about 40 gig and its on ide0 and i have a the cd drvice is actually a dvd drive on ide1, also a floppy on the floppy port. there are no phantom drives, but in device manager ot says that the device not functioning is a scsi/raid controller, but the drive is an ide.

  Kaydeen 21:54 24 Feb 2003

The bios shows it there on the secondary port as a master so i was thinking that maybe if i put it on the same cable as the hard drive and make it a slave on ide0 that might work?

  User-312386 21:58 24 Feb 2003

sounds like the cable may have come loose at either end of the IDE cable or is damaged


  Kaydeen 22:01 24 Feb 2003

Don't think it's damaged i mean it was working fine the next thing i ow bam! hits me in the face no working. it knows its there but if the cable on an ide device was buggered why would it say that the scsi/raid controller was faulty? i dont have a single scsi device on the puter as im aware of. Keep the suggestions cumin please...

  Rtus 22:12 24 Feb 2003

Id be inclined to check you havent inadvertantly Put the Ide cable back wrongly ..Make sure the red tracer goes to pin 1 on the cd Drive,Usually Next to the drives poewer plug.Its easy to pop them in the wrong way round .. I would use Primary master for HD then Secondry Master for DVD/CDrom But drive jumpers must be set for that too.Take notes of how things are set originally so if you go wrong you can put it back..

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