CD Drive Problems

  Jonty-comp 19:24 24 May 2005

I have recently started having problems with my Artec WRR-52Z CD writer. In the past I have been very happy with it, but after a while, I started having problems. Whenever I use Nero 5 to copy CD to CD-R it keeps complaining about 'Unrevorable read error' hundreds of times - the copies don't work, needless to say.

I have also been having problems playing my Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun game but I don't know if this is related. The menus are very slow to react and I have to wait about a minute while the CD light flashes before anything happens.

It may also be a problem with my other CD drive, an ancient 12x CD drive (I'm not sure as the manufacturer but I think it may be Commodore)

Any help on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated.

  jack 19:33 24 May 2005

Copying CD to CD-r across two drives can be problematical due to differences between the two drives.
The best way to copy is to copy to HDD and burn from there- on the same drive.

  mattyc_92 19:34 24 May 2005

What exactly are you trying to copy?

  torver 19:37 24 May 2005

Firstly have you an up to date anti-virus program if not do an online check as viruses can often screw up cd devices,if so then have you recently installed windows service pack 2 for XP. I had a similar problem when my cd was changed to being a SCSI device instead of an IDE device. I had to uninstall the device and reboot windows after that burning disks as normal.

  Jonty-comp 19:52 24 May 2005

jack - I have an old 8Gb SCSI HDD and while it may be fast, it doesn't have a lot of space on it and I can only copy CDs up to 400MB or so. I have tried this before with a VideoCD I made of a holiday and when I wrote the files back to CD the DVD player turned it's nose up at it.

mattyc_92 - Usually I am just trying to do things like the above, (copying VCDs etc) but sometimes I get CDs with documents on that I have to copy before I return, and it is annoying when I have to pop next door and ask if I can use their PC.

torver - I will try removing the device and rebooting, but my CD drive is on the IDE bus, not the SCSI. When I first built the PC i had a problem with the secondary IDE channel not recognising the 4Gb HDD from my old PC but now it all works fine.

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