CD drive problem when removeable hard disk added

  jz 22:31 08 Sep 2007

Someone has given me a backup hard disk drive that fits in a PC slot (it's the same size as a CD drive). You can fit a hard disk inside a caddy, and push it into the PC.

I've put it on the same IDE cable as that used by the CD drive. If I boot up the computer with the caddie removed, I can see the CD drive as D: but cannot see the removable hard disk (as expected). If instead I boot up the comuputer with the caddie inserted, this appears as D:, but the CD drive does not appear (unexpected). What do I need to do to make the CD drive always appear?

  norman47 22:36 08 Sep 2007

have you set the jumpers on the hard drive to the correct position.

if the cd is a master drive then the hard drive must be set as a slave or vice versa.

  jz 22:40 08 Sep 2007

Is it best to set the CD or removable hard drive to the master?

Can I set them both as slaves?

What does a master do?

Also, would it be better to connect the removable hard disk connector to the same one as the main hard disk (C drive), or would this slow backups (mainly copying the main hard disk to the removable hard disk?

  norman47 22:43 08 Sep 2007

look at the rear of the removable hard drive. what is the jumper setting for it? if it's set to master change to slave and try it or if's set to slave change over to master.

  holme 22:56 08 Sep 2007

We've had this very problem. It is due to the fact that, when you insert the hard disc and it becomes the 'new' drive D:, the CD drive should now automatically "re-letter" itself to change from (old) 'master' D: to (new) 'slave' Drive E: - if you see what I mean... Unfortunately, it isn't very reliable at doing this.

By far the best way round it IMHO is to do exactly as you suggested, i.e. to retain the master drive :C as-is and - on the same IDE cable - connect the hard disc caddy, with the drive link set to Slave. So with the drive in place, it becomes drive D:

On the other IDE cable, have just the CD drive, set as a Master device, and give it the drive letter E:

Now when you boot up with the removable drive inserted, you will have devices C:, D: and E: coming up. When you boot up with the removable drive removed, you will have devices C; and E: coming up, with device D: (literally) missing. No re-lettering is required and this arrangement is more reliable.

Having both hard disc drives on the same IDE cable has no discernible effect on their read/write speeds. HTH.

  jz 06:57 11 Sep 2007

Thanks norman47 and holme for your tips. I will try them out on Saturday.

  jz 09:48 22 Sep 2007

Thanks everyone + sorry for the late reply.

Setting the removable disk to a slave cured the problem. I left it on the same IDE as the CD.

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