CD drive not working

  Halmer 18:48 02 Jan 2003
  Halmer 18:48 02 Jan 2003

Just booted up and my CD tray light flashed upon boot up indicating that there is power to it but that's about the only response that I can get.

The button to eject the tray is not responding and when I double click on the desktop icon I get a mesage along the lines of 'location unavailable'.

I've also looked in control panel/system/device manager/CD drives and any reference to it has disappeared.

Any suggestions anyone please?

  VoG™ 19:25 02 Jan 2003

Have you checked that the ribbon cable is firmly connected at both ends?

  Djohn 19:26 02 Jan 2003

May be that the IDE cable has come loose, check it at both ends by giving it a gentle but firm push.

  wawadave 19:33 02 Jan 2003

dont know what o/s you got so it makes this alittle harder.
try a registry serch for NOIDE delete any found reboot.
if that dont work try putting a cd in drive reboot with bootdisk for your o/s in drive.
choose with cd-rom suport. at the a: dir e: /p
or what ever your cd-rom drive letter now is
try a few they change in dos.
if directory for cd contents comes up its a windows problem. no directory comes up its a hard ware problem.
your lasser lens needs cleaning. doing this your self voids warentie. and if no warnty than try it your self but be care full doing this the lasser can be missalined veary easly. use qtips and alcahol.
the cd-rom drives usealy come out from the fron on desk tops. do a google for more info on how to clean cd-ron drive lasser.
if your not sue or confident in this get some one who is.

  polymath 20:40 02 Jan 2003

There are lots of helpful troubleshooting suggestions in my thread 'Has my CD-rom died' (June-July '02). (Sorry - haven't got to grips with cutting & pasting urls yet!)

  Halmer 18:43 03 Jan 2003

I've only just got back to the thread thanks. I'll have a look at the postings and give them a go.

May have to get back if there's anything techy tho!

  Halmer 19:37 03 Jan 2003

The ribbon cable and a plug thingy appears to be pushed in OK. Didn't dare to push too hard cuz I'll break it probably.

Looks like it's knackered. Is it easier to get a new one installed and how much will this set me back?

The tray wont even open when I press the eject button but the light comes on for a few moments upon boot up which suggests that it is powered up OK. I deleted the CD in system/devices/ thinking that upon reboot it would detect the hardware but it hasn't done so.

  woodchip 19:50 03 Jan 2003

Have you added any new hardware of late as it may be the power supply is not big enough

  Halmer 20:08 03 Jan 2003

My power supply blew (i.e. it went bang and smoke came out of the box!)just after Christmas.

I got it fixed locally and used the PC a couple of times since then. When I came to use the CD for the first time since the blow out I pressed the litle button but the tray didn't come out. When I then double clicked in the desktop icon or did anything relating to the CD drive the PC just locked and I had to reset it.

Common sense I suppose indicates that the blow out has probably knackered the CD drive? The little light does come on however when I boot up.

  BRYNIT 20:10 03 Jan 2003

sound like the drive is f***** easy to replace cost about £30 or you could get a CD RW for about £50 instruction are usually included.

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