CD Drive not recognised

  s99Raj 23:20 09 Aug 2006

For no apparent reason, my DVD Drive suddenly will not read any CDs or DVDs after working for months; in fact, the icon for it in "My Computer" has disappeared. In the Device Manager, it has yellow exclamation marks next to it.

I've tried uninstalling it and then doing a "Scan for hardware changes" but this just brings up the same yellow exclamation marks.

I've tried attaching a new DVD ROM Drive but get the same yellow exclamation marks in the Device Manager.

I've tried loading Optimised Defaults in the BIOS but that hasn't worked either.

Any ideas how I can get it back?

  s99Raj 23:23 09 Aug 2006

P.S. I've also tried a System Restore, but that hasn't worked either.

  De Marcus™ 23:31 09 Aug 2006

Have you tried uninstalling the ide channel the drive is on?

  s99Raj 23:38 09 Aug 2006

Yes, tried that too, De Marcus.

  De Marcus™ 23:45 09 Aug 2006

If the ide channel uninstall hasn't solved the problem then a software fix is unlikely to be reached, yes it could be your aspi layer, yes it could be your cable, yes it could be your psu, but save yourself the hassle, backup the full OS, intsall a fresh xp and try it then, if it doesn't work, you've wasted the time it takes to reinstall your backup and proved the fault lies in the hardware, replace the drive.

  sidecar sid 23:50 09 Aug 2006

Have you uninstalled nero recently?
click here

  s99Raj 23:55 09 Aug 2006

No, I haven't installed Nero. It happened after installing BT Broadband.

  s99Raj 11:26 10 Aug 2006

Aha! I managed to fix it by following the instructions at Microsofts KB 320553.

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