cd drive failure, please help

  willwalker 15:59 04 Feb 2004


Yesterday i was using my cd drive for burning my own compilations when i noticed that my drive wasn't recognizing the blank cd. I thought it was maybe to do with the quality of the blank cd but i tried games and data cds and it turns out the drive has stopped recognizing everything.

I use the Nero burning program, but have tried CDRWin just to make sure so it's not the software.

I've took the tower apart and checked the wires, checked for dust etc..

Also downloaded AspiChk and ForceAspi, which have only resulted in giving me the message it cannot update my files.

So then i tried downloading the driver files for my cd drive "ARTEC WWR-4048" but when installing the flash tool to get everything working it said there was no file on my hard drive to work from and install the driver files to.

I'm not well educated on the hardware part of computers, so excuse me for sounding an amateur (because i am!). But i really need to sort this out, at the moment i can't afford to shell out for new parts.

Could anybody help? Cheers. Will

  willwalker 16:07 04 Feb 2004

Forgot to mention, the Device Manager tells me everything is working properly. Think that's all i can say for now...

  Diemmess 16:27 04 Feb 2004

Before certifying the drive - dead - why not try removing the device from Device Manager and uninistalling all the software you have loaded, Nero and all.

Then shut down and see what comes up after a new start. The generic drivers Windows finds, will do fine. If at this point you can read a CD then you are in business. Otherwise break into the piggybank for replacement

  willwalker 16:35 04 Feb 2004

Ok thanks i will try and post back here

  Stuartli 17:56 04 Feb 2004

Did you also check that the lead and cables were securely connected first?

  citadel 19:14 04 Feb 2004

when my drive had this problem it turned out that the laser had stopped working and I had to get a new one. They are easy to replace anyone can do it.

  willwalker 19:52 04 Feb 2004

Well i tried Diemmass' way and uninstalled the thing , but when i rebooted the hardware was recognized but not installed. So.. i've tried installing again but seeing as i don't have the installation disc (the PC people never gave it me) i have download missing parts.

What i'm struggling on is MSCDEX. I downloaded it but on installation in DOS it doesn't pick it up, even though it's on my hard drive.

I really don't know whether re-installing will work. I've checked all leads.

Citadel, how did you finally find out the laser had gone, and how exactly did it all happen. I mean, did your drive filter out, or did it just stop suddenly?

  Stuartli 09:06 05 Feb 2004

That's pretty remarkable..

My best mate's retail electronics outlet's workshop has a special laser aligning facility for CD and DVD lasers, yet you can do it all on your own..:-)

I'm also surprised that you could acquire the laser for a price that makes a repair viable rather than just buy a new drive.

Lasers can be dangerous and it's not a practice to be recommended.

  Diemmess 09:54 05 Feb 2004

MSCDEX is native to all windows systems (can't speak for XP)
Seems like a software problem can't be ruled out.

If your system can boot from a floppy then you can check that the drive can read/or not, by booting from a floppy and choosing Hard Disk Support......... Then when the cursor settles at A:> select and type the CD drive letter (whatever that is on your machine like D:> or E:>)press enter, and then see if you can read any data CD.

If it really wont even do that, then in my view, it is dead.

  DieSse 12:25 05 Feb 2004

I think you misunderstood citadel. I read it that (s)he bought a new CD drive.


MSCDEX is a DOS program that Windows doesn't use, and normally shouldn't be loaded, and isn't required.

New CD-R/RW drives are now very inexpensive, and extremely easy to fit. Just get one.

  Stuartli 12:45 05 Feb 2004

You are probably right...:-)

Re fitting a new drive - just swap the leads and cables over to the new drive.

By the way, Citadel, there's a difference between a CD drive which you refer to and a CD-RW drive, usually called a rewriter...:-)

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