Stressed Mum 10:58 23 Sep 2007

I’m being brave enough to ask for help again ?. Something obviously gone so bad with my PC since my post a few weeks ago regarding lost photos. Bit by bit I am managing with your help to fix some problems – but now the problem is with my CD and DVD drives. When I was preparing to do a backup of all my data in case of complete reinstall I had a few problems trying to write to either CD or DVD. I was being told that I needed to insert a disc which I had done already, or was being told that I could not write to a particular drive. Most of my back-ups ended up on a flash drive. I have read through previous forums regarding this problem and I have uninstalled from Device Manager and rebooted. The hardware was found and I tried again to use these drives with no result. However, I can play Audio CD’s from either drive, and saved data files on both drives. DVD’s will play on the DVD-RW drive. I have tried using different discs = CD-R, DVD-RW and CD-RW. Running XP MS 2003. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanking you in advance for your support. SM

  Stressed Mum 11:00 23 Sep 2007

tried updating driver and scanned for hardware changes... no result.

  Totally-braindead 11:18 23 Sep 2007

What software are you using to try to burn the disks? I would be tempted to delete the burning software and do a clean reinstall in case its that that is corrupt.

  Stressed Mum 11:20 23 Sep 2007

Not sure if you'll need this - just trying to get ahead of myself.

Property Value
Device ID IDE\CDROM_NEC_DVD+-RW_ND-3530A___________________103C____\529A96F3500.1.0

Property Value
Device ID IDE\CDROMHL-DT-ST_CD-ROM_GCR-8485B_______________1.05____\529A96F3500.0.0

  Stressed Mum 11:22 23 Sep 2007

Hi - good morning. Usally I just copy and paste, or drag and drop! Not copying music just now - only trying to copy files of data etc. Also, trying to back-up my personal banking data - all of which I have done before with absolutely no problems!

  brundle 11:26 23 Sep 2007

click here

Scroll down to Restore Missing CD drive; download, extract, double click cdgone.reg, may need to reboot.

  Stressed Mum 11:40 23 Sep 2007

Thanks you. done as you suggested - rebooted - still no luck - still being told to insert disc into drive. That's when trying to back-up my 'quicken' data using the back up facility ... will now try to just copy and paste...

  brundle 11:55 23 Sep 2007

Start menu/run, type services.msc, make sure IMAPI CD burning is started and set to automatic, then right click a CD/DVD drive in My Computer, select Properties, click Recording, make sure everything is ticked and that you have enough free space on your chosen storage drive for the temporary files.

  Stressed Mum 12:10 23 Sep 2007

ok - have managed so far to copy onto E:\ and read back on D:\ and E:\. using a CD-R. Ran services.msc and changed to started and auto. with ticks. No going to try quicken back-up again - maybe it is something to do with the software in quicken?

  Stressed Mum 12:13 23 Sep 2007

This is the message I get when tryin to back-up:

Unable to access the disk in drive E:\. Please make sure the drive is ready and the disk is not write-protected.

Using a new CD-R in drive E:\

I cant write to D:\ as I think that's a read only - but I have no problems doing the same to a flash drive...

  brundle 12:33 23 Sep 2007

Just clarify; which drives work with Quicken, which drives work with XP drag and drop, or Send To/CD.

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