CD drive asking for disc

  Andrew-C 12:07 14 Jun 2006

Just put a new CD ROM drive into my Windows 2000 machine. The drive is recognised and drivers installed. However it won't recognise that a CD has been put in.

Tried data and music CDs, none of which work

any ideas?


  rodriguez 12:15 14 Jun 2006

Could be a faulty drive. Try inserting a bootable CD, such as the Windows disc in and booting from it. Remember to make sure that the PC is set to boot from a CD in the BIOS first. If the CD boots then it is most likely to be something in Windows that is stopping discs being read. If it doesn't boot and goes straight into Windows, then try a bootable floppy and start the machine with CD-ROM support. Put a data CD in and type in D:\ (or whatever letter your CD drive is) and then type in DIR. If a list of files and folders come up that are on the disc then the drive is working. If it comes up with an error, then the drive is faulty and you should get a replacement.

  Andrew-C 12:23 14 Jun 2006

well the office CD doesn;t boot automatically - will give the windows one a go.

Suppose this is what happens when you buy a CD ROM for £5 on ebay!

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