Cd covers

  wogglie dogglie 07:40 07 Mar 2005

Hi guys!

I'm looking for cd covers. can anyone point me in the direction of a good site that I can print some from?

  terryr48 09:28 07 Mar 2005

Try here click here hope this helps

  Cesar 10:31 07 Mar 2005

Any branch of John Lewis sells them they are called "Jewel Cases".

  mattyc_92 11:14 07 Mar 2005

If you mean "Jewel Cases" (the plastic cases the cds are in) they can be brought from PC World, Argos, HMV, etc....

  SANTOS7 11:35 07 Mar 2005

If you read the thread it clearly says PRINT, so you would have to ask why? the suspicion would be raised
that the copying of CDs and reproduction of the cover for resale, which is not what anybody from this forum should be getting involved in........

  mattyc_92 11:40 07 Mar 2005

Good Point.... I must be on happy pills or something... lol

wogglie dogglie

If you have NERO installed or Roxio, then you can use them to create your own covers/inlays/booklets

  Amyfa 12:32 07 Mar 2005

Maybe SANTOS7 but I have printed new covers for ones that have got damaged.

  SANTOS7 12:37 07 Mar 2005

I do not want cast aspersions on anyboby but you can realise that the nature of the question raises suspicions if indeed the request is genuine then i humbly appologise but without further details you have to make it known that this forum is the wrong place to ask such questions......

  leo49 14:16 07 Mar 2005
  Sapins 16:16 07 Mar 2005

Re-sale doesn't have to be the motive, I have made working copies of nearly all of my CD's and printed labels to identify them, not exact copies of the original labels mind.

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