CD Copy Failing

  COUCHER 00:15 31 Jul 2004

I'm running XP Pro with two hard drives partitioned 'C', 'D' and 'E'. There is also a DVD WR which is 'F' and a DVD CD Rom combi 'G'.
Just recentlyin 'My Computer' another drive has appeared allocated 'CD Rom Drive'H'. Sincew this has appeared when I do a disk to disk copy instead of doing it on the fly it copies everything possibly to this 'new' drive but when it has finished it says another aplication is using the drive and aborts when I click OK it says 'Put disk in drive' and if there are disks in 'F' and 'G' it says drive is empty.
How can I get rid of this extra drive 'H'.. Another thing I now can't find windows copier which may be to do with the next paragraph.

Also around the same time Auto play has stopped working and an icon has appeared on the task bar near the clock bottom right. I'm using Nero that came with the DVD and it contains several other programs and I have tried Nero 6 upgrade but no joy. I uninstalled them all but the extra drive is still there. How can I get shut??

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