rotormota 19:10 01 Aug 2005


I will be archiving my 200 odd CD collection to an external drive using either WMP or MusicMatch. Both I use now & seem capable.

I have burnt plenty of tracks before to use in my Mp3 player but as I want to get this particular project absolutely right first time, I wondered what the best settings are in terms of recording & ultimately playback.

Any other tips?


  Completealias 20:06 01 Aug 2005

The higher the bit rate you set for copying the files the better the quality will be, they will take up more space with a higher bit rate.

As far as playback that totally depends on where you wish to playback and what program you wish to use, I guess mp3 will be the most widely supported format.

  rotormota 20:28 01 Aug 2005

Cheers for that.

  Rigga 20:55 01 Aug 2005

If you can afford it go for a 250gb external drive, an archive them all as pure .wav files, this will take up approx 650mb per cd.

However with .wav files, you now have the option of compressing them, into mp3, aac, or any other new format that comes along without having to re-archive (i.e. insert your cd's one at a time into your computer) your entire collection.


  rotormota 21:19 01 Aug 2005

Cheers Rigga. That is a very valid point & worth considering.

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