CD burning using MusicMatch

  montyburns 21:49 03 Apr 2004

I'm using MusicMatch to burn CDs, and it keeps putting the tracks into alphabetical order before doing the burn - this often ruins the CD!

How can I stop this and keep the tracks in the right order?


  hugh-265156 23:04 03 Apr 2004

total guess but try renaming your music tracks and give them a number as part of the name maybe.




and so on.

  Boluwd 23:40 03 Apr 2004

You need to edit track tags so that each title has a track number. I am assuming that you are burning a cd of tracks from your "My Library" or playlist. Which version of MMJB do you have?

  montyburns 10:29 04 Apr 2004

I think it's 7.10 ??? I just paid a few quid for the upgrade to MM Plus so I could use it to burn CDs as Media Player doesn't want to play any more!

I also have iTunes, but this is set up to convert to MP3s. I could use it to burn CDs but I have a Neo Car Jukebox that I want to use the MP3s on and don't want to constantly have to remember to change from normal audio files back to MP3 and then back again.....

I suppose the re-naming tracks thing would work, but it seems like a total clatt... I'll probably stick to putting them into the Playlist, then dragging them onto the burn window one by one in the right order.... And computers are supposed to make life easier!! (seems that every new prog these days takes at least 2 steps backwards!)

Unless of course, someone knows of a good, SIMPLE, CD ripping prog that is FREE!!

  pj123 10:58 04 Apr 2004

JetAudio from click here is free and will do what you want. I use it all the time

  Boluwd 13:42 04 Apr 2004

Music Match is on version 8.2 now, you should update the software, especially if you've paid for the plus version! I have tried to create a random playlist by selecting various tracks from the My Library, and used the burn option. The burner plus certainly lists the tracks in the order they were selected (not alphabeticaly) and it's also very simple to move selected tracks up and down the list before the burn process.

  david4637 14:32 04 Apr 2004

Does JetAudio burn directly to your CDRW, (don't need Nero etc) therefore does it have all the CDRW drivers within the software? Thanks David

  pj123 15:24 04 Apr 2004

david4637. Can't say for sure because I have not used it to do the burn. But there is a menu item "Burn" so I assume it will burn directly from jetaudio. Give it a try, it is free after all.

  GL1200 17:08 04 Apr 2004

I use MusicMatch for creating all my music CDs (version 7.0). Once you have added all the relevant files to the list for burning, simply drag and drop into any order you wish. Works every time.


  montyburns 19:01 04 Apr 2004

I'll have to continue re-ordering the tracks after the playlist has been created. Just seems annoying to have to do it though - you'd think they'd be an option for switching the alphabetising off!!

Not tried the JetAudio thing yet (doesn't seem to want to download via Freshdownload)

Does anyone know if it does the really handy thing of copying directly off one CD (or DVD) drive onto the "writing" drive? (ie without having to faff about making a copy onto the hard drive)


  montyburns 19:10 04 Apr 2004

If I get an upgrade (as in a newer version of MMJB) can I still use my "Upgrade Key" to make sure I have "Plus"? If not, it's a rip off that they don't warn you to make sure you have the latest version of MMJB BEFORE you buy the Upgrade Key....

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