cd burning problem, static and messy copy

  Davee75 10:34 08 Jan 2003
  Davee75 10:34 08 Jan 2003

I have just purchased a sony crx215a1 48*24*48 cd-wr and istalled it into my computer(810lmr 700mhz etc...). the drive is functioning fine. However i have copied a music cd and the copy is filled with static and is incoherent. I am running win 98 but the cd-wr specs requires win 98 second edition (Didn't notice till got it home- doh!)could this be the reason? also the source cd drive is only 12*speed but i lowered the copy speed to that. the programme being used is b's recorder gold 5. PLease note i am a complete burning novice so please excuse my naive'ty.

  powerless 10:36 08 Jan 2003

Put the burning speed to its lowest and try again.

Also what burning software are you using Roxios Eesy CD Creator or Aheads Nero?

  powerless 10:37 08 Jan 2003

oops i see now "b's recorder gold 5"

  €dstow 11:26 08 Jan 2003

"i have copied a music cd". Was it copy protected?

Were you burning "on the fly", that is disk to disk? If so, try copying to your hard drive first. It won't matter then what the speed of the source drive is. Be careful that you don't try to write the disk faster than its recommended speed.

I'm not familiar with your burning software. Does it have a test and write facility? If so, try using that rather than a direct burn.


  Davee75 13:47 08 Jan 2003

the programme had a simulate phase to the burn which i utilised. and i think i used the 'on the fly' method. As for copy protected i have no idea but it is quite an old cd that i wanted to make a back up of for my car.

  €dstow 13:52 08 Jan 2003

I wasn't moralising about the copy protection it's just that it may someting like it which prevents you copying. I know that some commercial video tapes produce messy results when you try and copy them, I wondered if this may be similar.

Try doing it with preloading on to your hard drive. Copy speeds are immaterial then.


  Davee75 08:09 09 Jan 2003

I have tried plain data burning (pictures) and it works fine. But got another coaster trying to make audio cd copy. I tried copying onto the computer first but the only way i could do it was to rip the cd first and then copy onto the cd as a wav or mp3 file, which isn't what i want (i dont have a wav/mp3 player. Help mis there better software to try.

  €dstow 08:37 09 Jan 2003

As I've said above, I don't know the burning software that you are using but there should be a help file and, hopefully, wizards to assist you. You don't have to carry out the procedure the way you are doing.

Can I suggest that you give Nero a trial click here You can download a free, fully functional trial version. Forum members are much more familiar with that so, if you are still in a fix when you've tried Nero, come back and a Nero afficionado will be able to help you. Read how to use it first though and follow what the wizard suggests.


  Davee75 11:02 09 Jan 2003

nice one i shall give nero a go. the b's gold recorder has a really crap help file which tells you jack shit as does the web page so it would be good to try a more popular programme. cheers.

  €dstow 11:21 09 Jan 2003

I think most people on here use Nero and there is a lot of expertise on it amongst the members of the forum. There is also Nero Express (included in Nero) which is a cut down simplified version).

The good thing about Nero is that it's being constantly updated and, if you decide to register it (= pay out some cash when the trial period is over), the updates are free.


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