CD Burning (nero)

  syl57 09:12 01 Aug 2004

Wondered if any one can give me some help please.
I bought a Cd writer so that I could copy photos to disc rather than floppy.
I copied some photos to disc last week and they burned ok could then se the photos when I opened the disc up.
the problem is I copied some more photos to the same disc yesterday then when i went into the d drive to check the photos the first ones I had copied have dissapeared only had the ones i did yesterday.
as these photos are of my first grandchild who is miles away from me these photos are important to me can any one tell me what I have done wrong .
wnen i look at the disc info in nero it gives me a list of things that i have copied but yet they dont seem to be on the disc.

  Stuartli 09:51 01 Aug 2004

You need to burn such files using Multisession mode with a CD-R and ensure that "Add new files to compilation" is enabled.

You can then use the disk until it is full and start a new one.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:55 01 Aug 2004

Stuartli would the same advice apply to a CD-RW?

Wouldn't you overwrite the exising files when burning the new ones unless you made the disc multisession?

Unless of course you burned all the photos again?

  pj123 11:18 01 Aug 2004

Wes Tam ;-), if the CD/RW is formatted it behaves just like a very big floppy. You can drag and drop, add and delete files. If the CD/RW is not formatted then yes, you have to use it the same as a CD/R. ie. use it as Multisession.

  palinka 12:34 01 Aug 2004

what were the names of the extra files that you saved? If, for example, one of your first pics was called Baby1 and you then saved another, completely different, but happened also to be called Baby1, it would overwrite the first one.

  syl57 12:40 01 Aug 2004

Hi no the files were different names ie baby 1 baby 2 etc now i cant find out how to find multisession think i must be to old for this game lol
oh for a simple way of doing this lol

  Stuartli 12:51 01 Aug 2004

I wouldn't use CD-RWs - apart from being slower speedwise, their reflectivity levels are far, far lower than a CD-R and you could have problems reading them either now or in the future.

I would, as stated, use a CD-R in multisession form with Add New Files to Compilation enabled.

You can then add as many pix files as you wish to the disk until it is full - it would also be a good idea to do a second CD-R as you go along as a backup (to a backup!)

I backup all untilties, updates, pix files etc to multisession (high quality) CD-Rs; apart from having a backup, you can also download, view them on someone else's system.

To make life easier, I use FreshDownload for downloading files and use an FDDownloads folder on the Desktop.

Apart from making it easy to create/add to multisession CD-Rs, it also provides a backup on the HDD.

  Stuartli 12:57 01 Aug 2004

Re multisession disks.

Open Nero. In the panel that appears click on Start Multisession and enable; go to the Label tab and immediately type in a suitable name; you then click on New.

You will then get the Nero burning panel up with the file name you have entered in the top left.

On the right is the contents of My Computer - drag and drop whatever files you wish to burn into the file name.

Nero will show what has/is being added and the file size totals as you go along.

Then click on the Write Now button and off you go, filling in write speeds etc.

  Stuartli 13:00 01 Aug 2004

Should have added that when burning has finished and you close the session, you will be asked whether you wish to save the file. Click Yet and also on each subsequent visit.

When the disk is almost full you will need to finalise it through the menu before the last burn.

If you do have any problems, don't forget that Nero has a very comprehensive Help file - that's what Help files are for...:-)

  Stuartli 13:02 01 Aug 2004 Yes...

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